Where to spend bonuses Thank you from Sberbank


The Thank You bonus program is designed to increase the purchasing power of Sberbank customers. The program works under a few simple conditions. Let's take a closer look at how to receive and where to spend bonuses Thank you from Sberbank.

Thank you program from Sberbank

The first stage is the activation of the “Thank you” bonus program, after which the accrual of points and their calculation will occur automatically. Basically, the amount of the purchase affects the number of points earned. Moreover, you need to choose stores that are part of the partner network of Sberbank. Points will be accrued for any purchases in partner stores, regardless of their amount and on the method: through the cashier or in the online store. All details can be clarified at any time on the official website of Sberbank.

After activating the service, a bonus account is connected to each Sberbank card, on which you can check the availability of points. It is recommended to connect the bonus program immediately after receiving the card, because the list of partner stores is very large and varied.

Connecting the Thank You bonus program through an ATM

In the main menu, select "Bonus Program". Click "Connect", enter the phone number associated with the card, and confirm the operation. The ATM will issue a check confirming the connection. Owning several cards, the program connects to all cards automatically.

Where are Thank you bonuses accepted?

Immediately after activation, from the first purchase in the stores of the partner network, bonuses begin to accumulate. Points are converted into rubles, and they can be “transferred” from one store to another, just like regular money. Marketers specifically do not make bindings to one store.

Thank you points are becoming more and more universal, as the list of merchants where they can be received and spent is constantly expanding. Here are the main retail chains where you can spend bonuses Thank you from Sberbank:

  • Euroset;
  • Pyaterochka;
  • Pharmacies A5;
  • Pharmacy "Norma";
  • Velostrana.ru;
  • MTS (charge for account replenishment, phones, accessories);
  • Rolf;
  • PAMK;
  • StylePark;
  • Bronnitsky Jeweler;
  • KARI;
  • Adamas.

Every month the list expands. Many companies are added through an agreement with Sberbank.

Full list of stores accepting accumulated bonuses Thank you

A complete list of stores and companies that accrue and accept thank you bonuses is on the official website page .

Knowing where to spend bonuses Thanks from Sberbank, you need to know the basic rules for using them:

  • 1 point "Thank you" is converted into 1 ruble. There is no commission;
  • 1 point is awarded for 100 rubles. purchases in any partner network store;
  • accrual and write-off of points from the bonus account automatically;
  • you can manually adjust the proportions of points and rubles during their write-off upon purchase;
  • some stores have the right to set limits. For example, no more than 70% of bonus points from the total purchase amount.
  • when buying in online stores, the proportion of points and rubles can also be specified manually.