"Card with big bonuses" in Sberbank


In 2019, Sberbank offers many loyalty and reward programs when using bank cards to pay for goods and services. Paying for everyday purchases, the bank returns part of the money spent in the form of cashback.

The most profitable debit card with cashback today is the "Card with Big Bonuses from Sberbank". When using the card as a payment card, Sberbank will accrue bonuses on terms of up to 10% and up to 20% with Sberbank partners from the amount of purchases under the Thank you program .

Terms of service and features "Cards with big bonuses"

  • Card payment system - VISA ;
  • there is a contactless payment ;
  • availability of the possibility of individual registration of the card (free of charge);

  • payment by phone;
  • the card can be opened in the following currencies - rubles, dollars, euros ;
  • the card is valid abroad, while the conversion is carried out at a single exchange rate;
  • Card validity period is 3 years .

Card maintenance cost

The bank has set slightly different conditions for servicing the card, depending on how many of them are issued:

  • maintenance of one card - 4900 rubles in the first year and the same cost for the second and later;
  • for an additional card, the bank will withdraw 2,500 rubles in the first year and subsequent ones.

Conditions for accruing bonuses Thank you for shopping with a card

When paying by card for purchases of goods and services, the bank accrues up to 10% cashback (the return of part of the amount spent on the purchase in the form of bonuses) and up to 20% when paying for purchases from bank partners. Responsibly, depending on the scope of the card, the interest charged is different:

  • payment in supermarkets - up to 1.5% ;
  • in restaurants, cafes and bars - up to 5% ;
  • payment at gas stations, taxis Gett and Yandex.Taxi - up to 10% ;
  • purchases from partners of Sberbank;

Bonus rate Thank you for the ruble

Thank you bonuses accrued for card purchases are converted to the ruble in the following ratio:

1 bonus = 1 ruble.

How can I spend the accumulated bonuses

The accumulated Thank you points on the "big bonus card" can be used in the following areas, as a cash equivalent for payment:

  • railway and air tickets, hotels under the Travel program;
  • concerts, performances, entertainment events under the "Entertainment" program;
  • discounts and coupons in stores;
  • goods and services in stores that are partners of Sberbank (more than 500);

Details on how and where you can spend the accumulated bonuses Thank you on the page .

How to order a "Card with big bonuses"

You can order a card at a branch of Sberbank or remotely through your Sberbank personal account . Fill out the application form on the next page of the official website .