Unnamed Sberbank Momentum card


Anyone can get an unnamed card in a matter of minutes. It is free to maintain and will allow you to perform all the required financial transactions both in Russia and abroad. Therefore, the unnamed Sberbank Momentum card is invariably popular.

Nameless card - what is it?

Momentum series cards are the same bank cards as all the others, only they do not have the name and surname of the owner on the surface of the plastic. In this regard, they have restrictions when paying and withdrawing money abroad and making online purchases on the Internet.

Unnamed Momentum card features

  1. Receive/send money.
  2. Pay at equipped outlets.
  3. Pay utility .
  4. Top up your phone bill, pay online.

These functions are enough to fulfill most daily needs.

Benefits of Maestro, Electron cards:

  1. No fee for issuing a card and its maintenance.
  2. Issuance speed.
  3. To get it, you need to have only a Russian passport.
  4. Any Russian who has reached the age of fourteen can become a cardholder.
  5. Participation in Sberbank promotions, receiving bonus points under the program Thank you.
  6. Manage and control the account using all available Sberbank services - Mobile Bank (it is designed for smartphones, tablets), Sberbank Online (using a computer). Any regularly recurring bills can be paid using the Autopayment service - it is convenient for paying utility , the Internet, and mobile communications.

All of these benefits mean that non-named Maestro and Electron cards will be the best choice for citizens who want to save on service costs without making purchases via the Internet.

Cons of non-named cards

Despite the fact that non-personalized cards in Sberbank are among the most popular, they are entry-level cards, and therefore they have several significant drawbacks:

  1. It is not possible to order an additional card - if lost, it will not be possible to restore access to the account. The money will remain inviolable, but it will be possible to withdraw it only at the bank's cash desk.
  2. Such cards are not suitable for paying for goods and services on the Internet, as they do not have security codes.
  3. They cannot be paid.
  4. Not all MasterCard Maestro and Visa Electron of the Momentum series can be serviced abroad. ATMs may refuse to dispense cash. This is explained by the lack of personal data.

Despite these disadvantages, the unnamed Sberbank Momentum card can perform many popular tasks.

Features of Momentum cards and conditions for their issuance at Sberbank

The main feature of an unnamed Sberbank card, as discussed above, is the absence of the holder's name and surname on it. Therefore, you do not need to wait 3-15 days for its registration (it takes so much time to make a card with the owner's initials).

Conditions for obtaining:

  1. Be a Russian citizen.
  2. Have a passport with a registration mark.

Since Maestro and Electron cards are instant issuance, there is no possibility to order them online - this makes no sense.

In view of this, the procedure for obtaining will be as follows:

  1. You need to visit the nearest branch of Sberbank.
  2. Present your passport, fill out the form.
  3. Sign a service agreement for the received card.
  4. Get a map.

Any non-personalized card is issued for 3 years, then it will simply need to be replaced. The cards are equipped with an electronic chip, which reduces the possibility of fraudulent activities. And the absence of a name, surname on the map does not affect security in any way.

Unnamed Maestro and Electron have no other visible differences, except for the absence of the holder's full name - THIS IS an ordinary debit card, the currency of which is always the ruble.

Limits and restrictions

Since the unnamed Sberbank Momentum card belongs to entry-level cards, it has a low limit.

  1. Per month - 100 thousand rubles.
  2. Daily withdrawal is limited to 50 thousand rubles.

More details in the article .

If you need a large amount, then Sberbank will allow you to receive it, but with a commission of 0.75%. You should also know that cash out money only at Sberbank ATMs, withdrawing money even at the bank’s cash desk will result in a commission of 0.5%.

Replenishment of the account through ATMs, cash desks of Sberbank is a free procedure. You can transfer funds to a Maestro or Electron card using another bank with a commission of 1.25%. Reissue of such cards is free. This also applies to early reissue, except in cases of loss.

An additional feature is the ability to receive bonuses in the amount of 0.5-50% under the Thank You program.

If you accumulate a sufficient number of bonus points, you can pay for any purchases in the bank's partner stores, including well-known retail chains and stores.