Microloan on the Maestro card from Sberbank


The largest bank in the country is issuing plastic cards of various payment systems and types, including Maestro. They are intended for financial transactions with personal funds and are accepted in most shopping centers in the country. In addition, you can use the opportunity to get a microloan on the Maestro card from Sberbank.

Urgent microloan on the card

Today in Russia there are many organizations specializing in providing urgent loans at moderate interest. To do this, just fill out the form below. It will take only 5 minutes to consider the issue, then a loan will be issued or a refusal will come.

Where and how to get a microloan on the Maestro card

There are a lot of organizations that issue urgent microcredits to a bank card. zaymer service provides a microloan even to borrowers with a bad credit history.

Unlike conventional banks, these MFIs do not require you to indicate the purpose of receiving funds. They give out money even to informal workers and students.

However, this type of lending has some disadvantages:

  • loan size . Most companies give out up to 30 thousand rubles at a time. The system has shown itself well in cases where small money is urgently needed for a short time;
  • short term loan . In most cases, the maximum loan repayment time is 30 days. If money is required for a longer period, then the period is extended subject to the timely payment of interest;
  • loan rates are higher than those of ordinary banks. They include the risks of companies in case of non-payment of the loan. Percentages may vary from organization to organization and are often provided to each client on an individual basis.

Having a Maestro card is a good guarantee of microloan approval. Companies check the client's capabilities on existing bases and resolve the issue of granting a loan in a short time. Almost any capable adult citizen of Russia can receive funds in this way.

Many microfinance organizations cooperate with Sberbank, so a microloan on a Maestro card from Sberbank can be obtained in a matter of minutes. In other cases, you have to wait several days.

The procedure for obtaining a loan on a bank card

The process of obtaining microloans is very fast. The whole procedure can be completed online on the page of the website of the microcredit organization . The main page provides a simple calculator for independent loan calculations.

Restrictions on amounts and terms are indicated in the calculator. If the proposed conditions are suitable, then you just need to agree with them. You will be redirected to the Sberbank page. Here you need to enter the card number. You do not need to enter additional data (including a PIN code). All work with the system takes place remotely.

We have considered the easiest option for obtaining a microloan. Some companies complicate the procedure and require the introduction of additional information. All information must be true. Companies carefully check them and may refuse if they do not comply. False information worsens your credit history.

You can return the borrowed funds with interest in various ways:

  • transfer from the Maestro card;
  • from electronic wallets;
  • using self-service terminals;
  • pay in cash through an intermediary or in person at the company's office.

Among the proposed options, the simplest is the first. It works in automatic mode. The money will be debited from the card in time in favor of the microfinance organization.

Video about microloans on the Maestro card