Sberbank Maestro Momentum Card


The Maestro Momentum card of Sberbank belongs to the category of the simplest types of plastic cards. It is non-named (the user name is not indicated on it). Using the card provides great benefits for the client, but at the same time, it also has many limitations compared to other Sberbank cards.

Conditions for issuing Momentum cards at Sberbank

You can get a Maestro Momentum card from Sberbank only if you personally visit a bank branch. A characteristic feature of this card is that it belongs to the type of unnamed cards and is issued instantly. In the case of ordinary cards (classic, premium , gold ), you must wait up to 14 days for receipt.
Often, this factor is decisive when choosing a card.

In order to receive a Maestro Momentum card, it is necessary to draw up and sign a banking service agreement.

That is why personal presence is necessary. At the same time, you should not worry about any special requirements. The only condition is that the age of the future holder of this card must be at least 14 years old.

In general, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The application is submitted to the bank branch.
  2. A passport is presented.
  3. UDBO ends.
  4. A card is issued.

Features of the Maestro Momentum card of Sberbank

The card has the following options:

  • an account can be opened in any currency (euro, dollars, rubles, etc.);
  • the current validity period is 3 years;
  • you can pay for services or purchases;
  • if you connect Sberbank Online or Mobile Bank, you can transfer money, replenish your account, pay for services and control your bank balance;
  • for non-cash transfers from card to card, you can use an ATM or terminal;
  • it is allowed to set up periodic auto payments as payment for housing and communal , replenishment of a telephone bill, payment of credit debt, traffic police fines, etc .;
  • the ability to connect the program " Thank you ";
  • you can use the available services from MasterCard.

As you can see, Momentum is as close as possible to cards of international importance.

Along with that, the Momentum Maestro Sberbank card is also characterized by specific conditions that are not found in others:

  • the process of issuing funds takes seconds;
  • card issuance does not require any payment;
  • serviced free of charge.

Maestro Momentum Card Restrictions

The disadvantages include the inability to reissue the card.

If suddenly the card or PIN-code is lost, it is impossible to restore it. Instead, you can issue a new card of any format. This also applies to changes in the personal data of the customer. That is, when the name of the cardholder changes, it will not be possible to replace it. The current account will have to be closed and a new one opened.

The only time you can reissue this card is when it expires.

Withdrawing money from the Momentum card abroad

Due to the peculiarities of this type of cards, there may be difficulties in withdrawing money and paying in stores abroad. More details - here .

Card withdrawal limits

As for the restrictions on withdrawing funds, in this case, they are the same as for all debit cards.

Limits are focused on certain actions:

  • withdrawal from the account of funds for one month should not exceed 100,000 rubles. By the same principle, the currency is withdrawn, taking into account the current exchange rate;
  • withdrawal of money in one day cannot exceed 50,000 rubles;
  • in one day from the card it is impossible to transfer, transfer or pay for the service in an amount exceeding 100,000 rubles.

When the Mobile Bank is connected, fees are charged for certain types of operations:

  • to clarify information about the latest transactions performed on the card by obtaining an ATM statement, the cardholder will have to pay 15 rubles;
  • in order to receive a report on the status of the card every month through the post office, you need to pay 150 rubles;
  • the report sent to the e-mail address comes free of charge;
  • it is not possible to obtain the necessary information through the services of other financial institutions.

Transfer from an unnamed card

You can replenish the Maestro Momentum debit card from Sberbank in different ways: through an ATM or bank cash desk, by transfer from another account or bank, etc.

For operations involving the withdrawal of funds, the following commissions are provided:

  • through the cash desk of the bank - nothing is withdrawn;
  • through the cashier, provided that the daily limit was exceeded - 0.5%;
  • through the involvement of another territorial bank - 0.75%;
  • transactions are not carried out through other banks.

You can make transfers within Russia, but abroad this card is practically of no use.

It is possible to receive money on the card. And the transfer is available only in accordance with the templates offered by Sberbank Online, at an ATM or using bank details.

If you act through a bank branch, you will need to name the card number and details of the recipient.

Transfer via Sberbank Online

We offer you to consider the details of using the online service:

  1. Entering the identifier and code is carried out from the Sberbank Online Personal Account .
  2. From the header of the main menu, select "Transfers and payments".
  3. Select a section from the list: a Sberbank client, between your cards, an organization or a person in another bank.
  4. Enter bank data into the template: TIN, account numbers, BIC.
  5. Click "Continue".
  6. Enter in addition the name, amount, purpose.
  7. Click "Continue".
  8. Confirm consent to the transfer with the code from the received SMS.
  9. The operation will take place.

The Maestro Momentum Sberbank card is very simple to design, free to maintain, so its shortcomings seem very insignificant.