How to use the Tinkoff Platinum Credit Card


For those who need to make urgent purchases, postponing material costs to a later date, the conditions on the Tinkoff Platinum credit card . This loan product is designed for all adult citizens of the Russian Federation, with solvent characteristics. The specified credit card conditions include 2 grace periods: 55 and 120 days, at 0% per annum. 120 days is possible when refinancing an existing loan from another bank to Tinkoff.

How to use a credit card

In order to become a Tinkoff Platinum , you need to apply remotely by filling out the form on the bank's page. After that, the bank will discuss all the conditions for the delivery of the card to your home (free of charge). In major cities of the Russian Federation, the card will be delivered in a maximum of a couple of days. In remote areas, the delivery time will be later, even a 7-day period is possible.