Gold card in Sberbank - conditions for 2019


Plastic cards of the Gold and Premium class emphasize the status of their owner and allow you to enjoy the best conditions and privileges. For example, a gold card at Sberbank (the conditions for 2019 are described below) is promising not only in terms of banking conditions, but also in terms of a number of offers from Visa.

The main types of gold cards in Sberbank

The main types of gold cards: partner, credit or debit (more details in the article - Sberbank cards, types and cost of service in 2019 ).

Benefits of a gold card at Sberbank - conditions for 2019

With this card, you can use:

  • promotional offers and discounts provided directly by Visa, which can be used in any country in the world;
  • high-level service level for trade and entertainment companies;
  • issuance of similar cards in the form of additional cards to an existing card, including a card for a child;
  • using it in a payroll project;
  • increased limit sizes for ongoing operations.

In addition, the Gold card has a 3D-secure protection system. You can connect and configure remote control functionality for yourself: Mobile banking and online banking.

This card provides especially many advantages outside the Russian Federation: it is possible to carry out non-cash payments, urgently withdraw the cash balance if the card is suddenly stolen, use the support of the Sberbank Contact Center around the clock to obtain the necessary information.

We have listed the main benefits of a gold card in Sberbank. The conditions for 2019 for its receipt and use are similar to the previous ones.

Withdrawal limits

In this case, it is provided:

  • you can receive and withdraw no more than 300,000 rubles per day;
  • you can receive no more than 3,000,000 rubles per month;
  • crediting to the balance per day - 10,000,000 rubles;
  • You can spend money in unlimited quantities.

If you need to withdraw more than the allowable amount per day, you should contact the cash desk of Sberbank, where you will have to pay a commission fee of 0.5% of the excess amount. If you use the services of other banks and services, the commission will be 1%.

The annual cost of maintenance is 3,000 rubles. For additional cards linked to the account, you will have to pay extra 2,500 rubles for each.

Promotions and bonuses on the golden card

More information about the Thank You program and how to connect it is on the page .

Credit gold card

A credit gold card provides a larger loan than a regular Sberbank card. The limit is determined for each client on an individual basis, the maximum is 600,000 rubles.

Of course, for such a card there is also a grace period for repayment.
It has 50 days, during which, all withdrawn funds can be returned without interest. Over this period, the interest rate is from 23.9 to 27.9%%. A year of servicing this card will be free for those who issue from 01/01/2018 to 12/31/2018 credit cards of Sberbank Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard (mass offer), Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard "Youth" (mass offer) and Visa or MasterСard Gold ( bulk offer) - during the first year of servicing the card.

Almost everyone can get a Visa Gold credit card. Proof of good financial support must be provided.

Terms of Service

The client must have:

  • permanent place of work (at the last at least 6 months);
  • for five years, work experience should not be less than 12 months;
  • there must be a high level of income, on the basis of which the credit limit will be determined;
  • age exceeding the limit of 21 years;
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation and registration.

After all the documents are collected, you can apply for a card. Loyal conditions in terms of loan size and interest rate can be hoped for by:

  • salary customers of the bank;
  • customers who have deposits in the bank;
  • deposit account holders;
  • participants of investment programs, etc.

In special cases, individual programs are developed from Sberbank. You can find out the necessary information through an ATM, phone and e-mail.

Properties that are inherent in cards connected to the international format system:

  • withdraw money, incl. Abroad;
  • carry out operations remotely;
  • transfer payments to individuals and legal entities;
  • pay at any point of trade in a non-cash way;
  • set up automatic transfers for mandatory payments;
  • enjoy bonuses Thank you;
  • replenish the balance in any convenient way, incl. through an ATM or bank teller.

How to order a gold credit card (online)

We described in detail the registration of a gold card at Sberbank (2019 conditions, limits, promotions). You can order it at any nearest branch of Sberbank , you need to have a passport with you. Or apply online on the page .