Sberbank Visa Gold card - conditions in 2019


Sberbank offers its customers a wide range of bank cards. One of the most popular is Visa Gold, which can be debit and credit. The reason for the popularity is simple - it makes the owner solvent in any situation throughout Russia and abroad, it is easy to issue. This card has other benefits as well. Let's find out everything about the Sberbank Visa Gold card - conditions in 2019, annual service fee, etc.

Visa Gold in Sberbank - card benefits

For customers who have issued a gold card, Sberbank offers the following additional benefits:

  1. High degree of security - even if this card is stolen, they will not be able to use it.
  2. If you lose your Visa Gold abroad, you can withdraw cash as soon as possible.
  3. A wide network of ATMs, branches of Sberbank allows you to have easy, convenient access to funds.
  4. The bank does not charge a fee for cashing out (within the limit).
  5. Impressive bonuses. The bank on its own behalf returns from 0.5% for purchases, and its partners - up to half the cost of the service, product.
  6. The same conditions when using the card in different countries.
  7. Various options for replenishing the card make this procedure always simple.

The essential advantages of the card are convenient conversion and the possibility of obtaining additional cards.

The bank makes it possible to replace any card ahead of schedule, and without commission.


Maintenance is perhaps the most significant drawback of the Sberbank Visa Gold card - the conditions in 2019 require payment of 3 thousand rubles annually, and another 2.5 thousand rubles for each additional card. Another possible disadvantage may be the monthly limit, which is 3 million rubles, the daily limit is 300 thousand. But Sberbank is ready to provide any amount you need and in excess of the limit, only a commission of 0.5% will be charged. If you withdraw money from ATMs of other banks, you will have to pay a commission of 1%.

How to get a Visa Gold card at Sberbank

This card can be issued:

  • come of age;
  • a citizen of Russia who has a registration mark in his passport.

Foreigners can also apply for Visa Gold, but the decision to issue a card at the bank is made on an individual basis.

The card itself provides the following features:

  • rubles, euros, dollars are used as the currency;
  • cashing out, servicing on the same terms abroad and in Russia is carried out. The same applies to all promotions held by Sberbank;
  • receive bonuses under the Thank You program, which allows you to significantly save on purchases;
  • protect your money as much as possible, because All cards are equipped with an electronic chip.

Also, the bank allows you to issue additional cards, and each parent has the right to order it for his child who has reached the age of seven. Visa Gold can be used as a salary card.

To obtain this card, you must:

  • apply at the nearest branch of Sberbank, having a Russian passport with you. The application can be submitted online, but the only advantage of this method is that a personal invitation will be received to visit the branch;
  • after obtaining the consent of the bank, you should arrive at the branch to sign the contract and receive the card.

Actually, a fairly high fee and limit are the only disadvantages of this banking program. But this is offset by a number of significant advantages.

VISA Gold with original design

Sberbank gives customers the opportunity to get Visa Gold with an original design, which can be a photo of the owner (even an image from social networks) or a picture from the Sberbank database. You can order this service online on the bank's website.

Replenishment of the card account

Topping up Visa Gold is easy. You must choose one of the many options:

  • the required amount will be credited to the account at any branch of Sberbank. To do this, it is enough to transfer money to the cashier, provide a passport and indicate the card number. If you do not have documents with you, then you can indicate the account number and details of the representative office in which the service agreement was signed;
  • you can use the terminal - this is one of the most common ways to replenish;
  • from any account, Sberbank card. The operation can be performed in the Sberbank Online Personal Account using the mobile application. If there is another card, then the money will be easily transferred using terminals, bank ATMs;
  • from an account in any other bank. This procedure is the most time-consuming, since you should know the details of Sberbank, card number, account. In addition, money is credited not instantly, as in most cases, but throughout the day;
  • using the Visa Direct service - this procedure is available worldwide. The transfer of the required amount is carried out online, using a computer, smartphone or through terminals, ATMs of banks working with this service. The process of crediting money is instant, but there are delays.

Details on debit gold cards at Sberbank

All the opportunities and conditions for VISA Gold cards in Sberbank are on the page of the official website.

Gold Credit Card

The main feature of the Visa Gold credit card and its advantage is a long grace period (50 days), during which you can use the money for free, that is, no interest will be charged. At the end of the month, a bank statement will come and there are still 20 days left to repay the entire amount withdrawn. If you cannot repay the entire amount within the specified period, then the interest rate will be 23.9 - 27.9%.

Card service may be free, but this applies only to citizens who have received a personal offer from Sberbank, the rest will have to pay 3 thousand rubles annually. The maximum limit on this card is 600 thousand rubles.

Who can get a credit card Visa Gold Sberbank? The conditions in 2019 are as follows - an employed Russian who has reached the age of 21 can receive it. The length of service should not be less than 6 months at the last place of work and one year in general. To apply for a credit card, you must provide a document confirming the availability of income - a 2-personal income tax certificate, which indicates the salary for the last six months. Sberbank can replace the specified document with a certificate in its own form - this somewhat simplifies the task.

The client is also required to provide the following documents:

  • passport;
  • a copy of the work book, which indicates that the person is working and has sufficient experience. The bank also accepts copies of employment contracts, IP certificates (necessarily certified by a notary).

To get a credit card, follow these steps:

  1. Apply. This can be done online.
  2. Wait for pre-approval.
  3. At
  4. Come to the bank branch and provide the above documents.
  5. Wait for the final decision - it can take two days.
  6. Get a map.

Advantages of the Visa Gold

Credit card Visa Gold Sberbank - conditions in 2019 provide the following opportunities:

  • discounts, bonuses from Sberbank, its partners, the Visa system can reach 50% of the cost of a service or product;
  • use all the services of the lender (Sberbank Online, etc.);
  • if the card is lost outside the Russian Federation, the bank guarantees the receipt of the required amount as soon as possible;
  • many options for cashing out, paying off debt;
  • control over operations, balance of funds; obtaining any information, and in various ways.

Using a credit card is simple, just present it at any point of sale, indicate the SecureCode, and when making an online transaction, the details and money will instantly go to the seller's account.

Reviews about VISA Gold cards

Despite the cost of service, the Sberbank Visa Gold card (the conditions in 2019 are described in detail above) has many positive reviews. The bank provides many additional benefits, which are especially important when traveling abroad. The use of these cards has a high degree of protection.