What to do if money is stolen from a Sberbank card


Holders of bank cards are often worried about the safety of the funds on them. Is it possible to steal money from plastic cards? What to do if money is stolen from a Sberbank card? In such situations, you should have the necessary information and have a clear plan of action.  

Ways to steal money from a card

As a result of the theft of a Sberbank card, fraudsters will be able to receive cash with it or transfer it at their own discretion. This operation is quite simple if you have a PIN code. Fraudulent activities to receive money:

  1. Phishing . Theft of secret information about the card (number, passwords for online banking, secret code) on the Internet. As a result, attackers will be able to pay for services and goods in online stores.
  2. Skimming . Provides for the placement in self-service devices (terminals, ATMs) of special devices with which you can get a PIN code and read the required information from a magnetic tape. This allows you to make a duplicate card and quickly withdraw money from it.
  3. Shimming . A more modern form of skimming is when an electronic board is embedded inside the slot that accepts a card, as a result of which card data is stolen.

Who is responsible in case of theft of money from a bank card

In order to transfer or withdraw money, fraudsters use information that the cardholder has. In such cases, the bank is not responsible for unforeseen actions of unauthorized persons, as it keeps information about the cards in the strictest confidence. You need to know what to do if money was stolen from a Sberbank card, how to protect your own money from theft.

How to prove that money was stolen

Based on the feedback of affected customers, it is quite difficult to confirm such theft.

Procedure for theft:

  • write a statement to the police;
  • submit an application to Sberbank about your disagreement with the actions performed;
  • ask the operator for the phone numbers to which the funds were sent.

This procedure is laborious and does not always lead to the desired result. Submission of an application to the bank must be completed in the shortest period of time. You can protest against the operation within a month.

How to return money stolen from a Sberbank card

Is it possible to return stolen funds from the card if remote services were used, including online banking? It is rather difficult to answer this question. It is difficult to obtain evidence that the cardholder was not involved in the theft of money. Indeed, at this moment information is used that is considered secret and cannot be provided to other persons.

For this reason, it is necessary to take additional measures to protect your computer from viruses and be careful about unknown mailing lists. You should not click on links that were received in emails. The safest option is to visit the bank's website on your own using search engines. As a result, you can get reliable information about existing offers and promotions. If you need to confirm personal data, you should use not the number from the mailing list, but the official telephone line of Sberbank. In most cases, it turns out that the bank does not need such information at all.

Security measures when using an ATM

To save money on a Sberbank card at the time of using an ATM, certain precautions must be taken.

Safety regulations:

  • at the time of dialing, hide the PIN code;
  • use devices of terminals and ATMs that are under protection - in shops, banks, etc.;
  • in the event of unusual situations at the time of using the devices (no money was issued, a freeze occurred), transfer information to the Contact Center ;
  • preliminarily examine self-service devices for the presence of foreign devices in them.

ATM errors

It happens that banknotes are not issued, and money is withdrawn from the account. This situation may not necessarily be the result of outside interference, but is sometimes considered the result of technical failures.

Actions in case of problems in the operation of the equipment:

  • provide information to the bank that the money has not been issued, but debited from the account;
  • after collection, the debited funds will be transferred to the account;
  • when using a self-service device of another bank, the return procedure will be longer.

If the actions of intruders are detected or if an error occurs in the operation of the equipment, they will be corrected as soon as possible.

It is obligatory to report such information to the bank via a free telephone line. There are situations when attackers even install homemade ATMs.

Protecting money on the card when using the Internet

Can you be sure of the safety of your money at the time of online transactions? In order to obtain personal information, various tricks are often used.

Options for obtaining secret information:

  • sending letters, as if from a bank, demanding secret passwords, etc .;
  • the use of various viruses;
  • filling in information in the questionnaires for receiving prizes and participating in promotions, indicating card numbers and passport data;
  • posting links to a non-existent page that looks like a bank and requires passwords.

Theft of money from a card through a phone number

Recently, the theft of funds from a Sberbank card using a telephone has been quite popular. For these purposes, a message is sent about debiting money from the account. Later it turns out that the money was actually withdrawn. To do this, they are first transferred to the user's phone to which the card is attached, and then redirected to another phone number. This operation is performed as a result of receiving an updated SIM card and its subsequent disconnection, since it falls into the category of the old one.

Card insurance as a measure of protection

In order to keep calm and not think about the possibility of stealing money from a Sberbank card, you can insure .

List of risks when insuring the card:

  • phishing or skimming;
  • theft of a PIN code, cards, receiving money;
  • damage to the plastic card;
  • loss of the card and its use by other persons;
  • theft of money after withdrawing it at the cash desk or ATM device;
  • malfunction of the self-service device, which caused the loss of finances.

The price of this insurance service is considered quite acceptable and is directly dependent on the amount of coverage used. At the moment, paying 1161-5310 rubles, you can get the amount of 60-350 thousand rubles. As a result of this, it will be possible not to think about what to do if money was stolen from a Sberbank card.

How money is stolen from plastic cards (video)

In order for the use of a Sberbank bank card to be safe, maximum caution must be exercised.