How to find out the PIN code of a Sberbank bank card


For the safe use of ATMs, a PIN code is issued. It is a secret digital combination that only the card user knows. If it was lost, then you should know how to find out the PIN code of a Sberbank bank card? It should be noted, however, that this information is not available. How to proceed in this case?

PIN code as a measure of authorization and protection

Together with any plastic card, an envelope is issued, where special information is provided with a detailed description and instructions for use. This envelope contains a PIN code, details of which must be kept strictly confidential. With its help, it is possible to make transfers, withdraw cash from self-service machines, pay for services and goods, and perform many other actions.

If the code falls into the hands of intruders, then there is a risk of losing money from the account. In a situation of losing only a card, you need to block it as soon as possible and order the issue of a new one. The blocking procedure can be carried out in different ways: by sending SMS , via the Internet or by telephone via the free line 8800555 . Security rules when using a PIN code:

  • keep the envelope in a place inaccessible to strangers;
  • use with caution when paying with a card at retail outlets, etc.;
  • hide it from others while typing numbers on the ATM keyboard;
  • absolutely not required to make payments in Internet resources;
  • do not voice the cashiers, but dial it yourself.

The secret password is encrypted in the Sberbank database and is not available to bank employees. In the case when an offer is received to name this password by phone or during a personal visit to the bank, this should be ignored. Such methods are often used by attackers to steal money.

What to do if you lose your PIN

If the password has been forgotten, it is necessary to find the envelope issued at the bank branch. How to find out the PIN code of a Sberbank bank card with the help of bank representatives? This information is not available to them, it is impossible to get it in this way. In a situation where the envelope cannot be found, it is proposed to replace the PIN code, which will allow further use of a plastic card in self-service machines. For these purposes, it is necessary to visit the bank branch along with the documents.

According to the agreement, you can:

  • change to a new code if documents are available (available for cards issued since 2013);
  • order a card reissue with a new code.

You will need to submit an application indicating the reason - the loss of the PIN code. After checking the passport data, a bank representative will offer the most acceptable way out of this situation.

Solving the problem when you lose your PIN code

In most cases, the best option is to reissue the card . If the PIN code is lost due to the user's fault, then it is necessary to pay , depending on the type of card. When the validity period of the card comes to an end, you can wait and get a new one for free.

At the time of reissuing the card, the account will not change. A card with a lost PIN code will become unusable.

The duration of the reissuance procedure depends on the type of card used and in some situations can be several weeks. Instant issue cards are issued immediately.

Similar actions will need to be performed if the task is how to find out the PIN code of a Sberbank credit card. The reissue procedure does not affect the existence of limits or debts on the card account.

Secret code as a mandatory measure

After activating the card as a result of entering a PIN code at an ATM, a large list of benefits opens up.

Possibilities after card activation:

  • obtaining information about the movement of money;
  • withdrawal of cash;
  • account balance inquiry;
  • connection of remote services (Mobile Bank);
  • transfers between your accounts or to other persons;
  • transfer of funds according to the details of legal entities;
  • activation of the bonus program Thank you;
  • obtaining passwords for financial transactions in the online bank;
  • payments for services of housing and communal services enterprises, Internet providers, mobile operators, etc.

How to secure your card

You need to be aware that cards can be subjected to the actions of intruders. The video review provides useful information on how to protect plastic cards from hacking.