How to connect SMS notification in Sberbank


Bank card holders have the opportunity to protect their money from unforeseen actions of unauthorized persons, thanks to control over their movement. This becomes real as a result of receiving messages from the bank. How to connect SMS notification in Sberbank? This procedure is considered not difficult and provides a number of additional features.

Features of Sberbank Mobile Bank

In order to be able not only to exercise control over finances, but also to manage accounts using the phone and make money transfers as a result of sending messages, you must first connect the Mobile Bank .

The SMS notification service provides for obtaining data on all movements of money in the account (name of the financial transaction, amount of receipts, expenses, and the amount of the balance).

SMS notifications for transactions

The phone receives notifications for the following operations:

• sending transfers;
• receipt of money to the account;
• making payments via the Internet;
• transfer of funds;
• payment of bills of individuals and legal entities in shops or self-service devices.

Sending messages about these transactions is considered only one of the Mobile Banking services. As a result of activation of this service, it becomes available to receive various notifications. There are several ways to connect SMS mailings from Sberbank: in offices, via ATMs or via the Internet.

Ways to connect alerts, tariffs

To activate the Mobile Bank, there are several connection packages: "Economical" and "Full", for more details - on the page Mobile Bank Tariffs . You are given the opportunity to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

List of operations for all tariff plans:

  • transferring money to the account of third parties, knowing their phone number;
  • transfer of funds between personal accounts;
  • payments for services and payment of bills using short USSD commands or SMS;
  • replenishment of the account of one's own or someone else's phone number;
  • repayment of credit debt to other financial institutions;
  • creating templates for quick money transfers;
  • setting up and disabling automatic payment for utility services, telephone, etc.;
  • transferring money for charitable purposes to the Podari Zhizn foundation;
  • purchase of coupons from tour operators and tickets for entertainment shows.

To activate the Mobile Bank through an ATM, the choice of tariff is available in the menu:

Economical or Full packages of SMS alerts are offered.

It is possible to remotely activate various services. For example, you can simply connect or deactivate the program Thank you. If the card is lost, it is easy to block it.

Choice of tariff package

Previously, before connecting SMS notifications to a Sberbank card, you need to get information about the differences between the packages offered.

Package "Full"

Features of the Full package that are not available in the Economy tariff:

  • obtaining information about any write-offs of funds;
  • receiving SMS about the receipt of money to the account;
  • request for short statements with a list of recent transactions;
  • informing about the balance status of the cards.

Full package price:

  • for unnamed and instant cards - 30 rubles;
  • Classic series - 60 rubles;
  • for gold and premium plastic — 0 rub.

Economy package

Inquiries about the state of the balance and obtaining an extract in the Economy package are paid (5 and 15 rubles, respectively). There is no subscription fee for using the Economy tariff. But receiving SMS notifications is not possible. The complete package includes a list of all existing services.

If you need to receive information about completed transactions, it is better to give preference to the Full package. Thanks to this, you can be aware of unforeseen actions of unauthorized persons and block your own account in a timely manner. At any time, you can change the tariff plan by sending just one message.

Connecting alerts via Internet resources

There are various options for connecting Mobile Banking. The easiest is through the Internet . To do this, you need to log in to the Sberbank Online system, having received an identifier and password , or call the Sberbank Contact Center and the specialist will send an identifier to your mobile phone. After receiving the identifier, you need to go to Sberbank Online, enter the received identifier and come up with a password. Once you re-enter, you will be logged in.

Scheme for connecting SMS notifications within Mobile Banking to Sberbank Online:

  • in the section "Personal menu" find the item "Mobile Bank";
  • open a special sub-item "Connection details";
  • decide on a tariff plan;
  • in a new window, fill in the required parameters for connection (select from the list the card to which the Mobile Bank is linked);
  • click on the "Connect" button;
  • in a new tab, additionally check the specified information and then click "Confirm";
  • enter the verification code received in SMS in a special column.

The new application will be marked with the status "Pending". After its approval, it will change to "Confirmed" and this service will become available for use.

How to connect Mobile Banking to Sberbank Online - step by step instructions

  1. Register - specify the provided login and the created password.
  2. Confirm the login procedure by entering a special code.
  3. Select "Mobile Banking".
  4. Open a special tab - "Connection details".

How to connect an SMS alert in Sberbank through an ATM

You can activate the distribution of SMS alerts from Sberbank by using self-service devices . It is necessary to insert a plastic card into a special receiver in order to bind it to this service. Then you need to select the language and enter the PIN code. As a result, the main menu will appear on the screen.

Further procedure:

  • find the section "Online" or "Mobile Bank";
  • open the "Connect card" item;
  • select the tariff required for activation (Full is suitable for receiving messages about completed operations);
  • detailed information will be opened in the new section: tariff plan, card and telephone numbers;
  • the connection procedure will be connected to the card used in the ATM, and the phone number was specified in the contract in advance and cannot be changed without the intervention of a bank representative;
  • after checking all the information, you must confirm its correctness by clicking on the "Connect" button.

As a result, SMS will be sent to the specified phone number. This procedure may take several days to be confirmed. In most cases, activation is completed within one day.

Other options for activating SMS alerts

In addition to an ATM, there are also ways to connect an SMS alert at Sberbank: at a bank branch or by calling the Contact Center .

Call to the Contact Center number

In case of making a call to the bank, you should press the 0 button and contact the operator. He needs to provide information about the number of the card to which the connection is planned. In addition, you will need to specify the name of the tariff package for activation, as well as confirm your phone number. The representative of the bank will provide information on the term for connecting this service.

By calling the Contact Center, you can clarify the available options of the Mobile Bank. This information is provided in the automatic listening mode. Also, here you can find other existing connection methods.

At the bank branch, you will need to provide your card or name its account. In this way, you can get information on tariff plans. If necessary, you can change the specified phone number.