There is no "Deposits and Accounts" tab in Sberbank Online


Having a plastic card at your disposal, you can access banking operations remotely at any time, through Sberbank Online.
Sometimes there are some software failures. For example, there is no “Deposits and Accounts” tab in Sberbank Online. We propose to consider the possibility of solving this problem in this article.

Why are some sections missing in Sberbank Online

Through the Sberbank Online service, you can access all your accounts, cards and deposits. However, some tabs may remain inactive. The reason for this may be:

  • demonstration of the selected section is not configured;
  • the card and deposits on the basis of which Sberbank Online was connected were issued in different territorial divisions of the bank;
  • no UDBO agreement was concluded;
  • the contribution was made on the basis of outdated data;
  • there are technical problems.

Sberbank allows you to interact with it remotely, so setting up the necessary accesses in a timely manner is extremely important.

If you cannot independently identify the reason why there is no “Deposits and Accounts” tab in Sberbank Online, it is better to use the services of the Contact Center. The employee will help determine the cause by checking the settings according to the instructions.


In order for the service program to work correctly, it is necessary to comply with the conditions and rules of interaction with Sberbank. Namely:

  • during the process of issuing a card, it is necessary to sign an UDBO agreement that allows you to combine all your existing accounts. Plus, it will be possible to use the service remotely;
  • when planning a move to another region, you need to re-register your accounts, deposits, etc., taking into account new contacts. To do this, you need to contact the nearest branch of the bank and check with the employee. It is likely that it will be enough to sign the UDBO, because its powers are extended to all branches and banking divisions.

When personal data changes, an application for the need to amend the contract should be submitted. To do this, you will need copies of documents confirming the change of metric data, registration address and other data.

Personal account settings

Before looking for the reason why there is no “Deposits and Accounts” tab in Sberbank Online, you should check the demo settings in online banking again.

Instructions for setting the option:

  • in the Personal Account, click on your own name (right corner);
  • a list of available actions will open, where you need to find "Product visibility settings";
  • view the listed tabs and sections and put a mark in the item "Deposits and accounts".

Similarly, the visibility of any other tabs is set, or vice versa, the visibility of those subsections that are not needed is limited. As soon as the checkbox is checked, the tab should immediately appear. If this does not happen, you should update the information or exit and enter the service again. If this does not help, then a call to the Contact Center . The operator himself will find out what caused the failure of the functionality and will help find solutions to the problem. If the cause is caused by a technical malfunction, the specialist will tell you how long it will take to fix.