Sberbank Online - official website of the bank


The official website of Sberbank provides all the necessary information on the products and services of the bank, together with the Sberbank Online personal account. To enter and use the functions of the Internet Bank, an authorization procedure is provided for entering a login ( user ID ) and password. A link to the page of the official website of the bank and instructions on how to get your ID are below on the page.

At the moment, Sberbank offers the most profitable plastic card "Card with big bonuses from Sberbank" , when using which the bank returns part of the funds spent on purchases in the form of a cashback of up to 10% (up to 20% for bank partners) under the Thank you program. Bonus program projects are connected to it: Travel , Impressions and gas stations (return up to 3% of bonuses Thank you for refueling the car) .

Official website of Sberbank Online - entrance to the personal account of card or account holders

To enter the personal account of a Sberbank client (to the page of the official website), use the direct link:

Login to Sberbank Online (personal account of Internet banking) for individuals

How to get user id

Sberbank provides several options for obtaining your user ID:

  • by phone call center;
  • through mobile banking;
  • in the department.

Obtaining a user ID through an ATM

Using the nearest ATM , you can get your user ID in a few minutes. To do this, you need to authorize your card in the device using a PIN code and go to the "Connect Sberbank Online" section. The ATM will issue a check that will display the user ID and login password.


Learning an ID using Mobile Banking

Sberbank also provides a way to remotely obtain a user ID by calling the bank's contact center , waiting for the operator's response or through the voice menu. After identification, you will be sent an SMS with an identifier (to the phone number attached to the card).

Receiving a password through mobile banking

In order to find out your password to your personal account, you can use mobile banking .

To do this, you need to send the text: "Password" with 4 digits (the last digits of the card number) to number 900.

After that, the system will automatically send a message containing the password to Sberbank Online. After logging into your personal account of the official website of Sberbank, you can change the password to another one (in the settings).

Registration through the official website of Sberbank Online

There is also a procedure for registering with Sberbank Online with obtaining a login and password (for authorization in your personal account) through the official website of Sberbank of Russia.

What you need to register online:

  • the presence of a valid Sberbank plastic card;
  • attached phone number connected to the mobile bank card.

Registration procedure on the official website of Sberbank Online:

Go to the registration page , and follow the instructions provided.

Then, the system will send a password to the phone number attached to the mobile bank and you will be asked to come up with your login and password.