How to unlock Sberbank Mobile Bank


Sberbank's mobile bank allows you to manage your own money, open and close accounts, order cards, connect and disconnect additional services, pay for services, transfer funds to other cards, and much more.

It happens that the online system is blocked for an unknown reason. You need to know how to unlock the Sberbank Mobile Bank and in what cases this happens.

Reasons for blocking Mobile Banking

The operation of this system can be stopped independently.

Reasons for blocking:

  • the phone associated with the service is lost;
  • the card is lost or not used;
  • there was a need to change the tariff plan;
  • no need for application.

Mobile banking functions:

  • payment for services of public utilities;
  • sending money transfers;
  • obtaining information about the account balance;
  • ordering services via SMS;
  • request for transactions made on the card;
  • card blocking via SMS.

Keep in mind that disabling and blocking are completely different actions. The disconnection procedure is performed only by a representative of Sberbank in the office or by an operator of the Contact Center. In the future, you can independently unblock the Mobile Bank by sending an SMS message.

Cost of the Mobile Banking service for different cards

Despite the blocking, the bank will charge a fee every month for using the service (for more details, see the article Mobile Bank Tariffs) . For Visa Electron and Momentum cards, the service costs 30 rubles, for Standard and Classic - 60 rubles. The Mobile Bank connects to Gold class cards and above free of charge.

Sberbank blocks Mobile Bank if there is not enough money on the account to pay for the tariff plan.

The system will be automatically unlocked immediately after replenishment of the card account (using an ATM, cash desk or transfer via the Internet). Only after the service is disabled, Sberbank will not charge a service fee.  

Unblocking Mobile Bank via the Internet

You can independently unlock access to the system using Sberbank Online, via SMS, at ATMs.

Unblocking via Sberbank Online

use Sberbank Online after registration (you need to get a password and ID) .

After logging in, in the "Client Menu" section, open the "Mobile Bank" subsection. It contains a list of cards that are connected to this service. If the service is suspended, you can see the inscription - "Blocked".

To activate, select a card and click "Unblock the service". The system will send a confirmation SMS to the phone associated with the system. The code from the message must be entered in the appropriate box.

How to unlock Sberbank Mobile Bank using an ATM? The selected card must be activated in the device with a PIN code. The main menu will open, where you should select "Mobile Banking". Then click the "Connect" button and the system will send a confirmation password to your phone. It is worth confirming your actions with a password and the Mobile Bank will be connected.

Unlock via phone (SMS 900)

To unblock the Mobile Bank using your phone, you will need to send an SMS to number 900. The message is in a specific format and must contain a specific command.

SMS options for unlocking:


After the word-command, put a space, enter the last 4 digits of the card number. Then the second space is put and the control code is entered (indicated in the card service agreement in the column "Control word").

The code numbers are indicated without changes, and the characters are indicated by the number "0". Call Center operator will help if there are any difficulties.

How to unlock Sberbank Mobile Bank through the Contact Center

You can activate the service by calling the Contact Center. The operator will answer the request, specify the card number, verification code and unlock the system.

Personal contact to the branch

When visiting a Sberbank branch in person, you must have a card and an identity document (ID card, passport) with you.

Mobile Bank tariff changes

When connecting the Mobile Bank a tariff plan for themselves . To change it, you need to send SMS to number 900 in a special format: the name of the tariff package, a space, the last 4 digits of the card number.

Short commands for tariff change

To activate the free Economy package, you should specify a special command in the message.

Command List:


In order to switch to a paid package, you need to enter the command in SMS: FULL (POLNIYPAKET), UPGRADE or UPGRADE, TARIFF (since Sberbank offers only two tariff plans, the package used will change to another).

After sending SMS to number 900, the bank will send a notification with a secret password to confirm the tariff change. The received code must be sent to number 900 .