Life and health insurance when lending at Sberbank


At the time of obtaining a loan, many borrowers receive an offer from representatives of the bank to issue an insurance policy voluntarily. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account what life and health insurance is when lending at Sberbank and what advantages and disadvantages it has.

Accounting for risks in insurance

The policy is issued with a separate organization Sberbank Insurance, upon receipt of a loan at a bank office.

Thanks to this policy, payments are provided in the event of:

  • loss of working capacity due to health problems;
  • fatal outcome.

Is insurance required when obtaining a loan (mortgage) at Sberbank

After talking with bank employees, not everyone fully understands that insurance is a mandatory or voluntary condition when obtaining a loan or mortgage from Sberbank. About this - in detail in the article .

Insurance rates

At the moment, several insurance programs are provided, which differ from each other in the list of insured events. Under the terms of one program, various situations are envisaged: injury, illness, family circumstances, dismissal from work. Thanks to another universal offer, you can choose the most likely risks for yourself. Insurance cost:

A complete list of life insurance rates at Sberbank is in.

A bank or other persons (except for a housing loan) can be indicated as a beneficiary. In the event of an unforeseen situation, the debt will be paid by the insurance company. As a result of specifying a private person by the beneficiary, he will receive transfers that he can dispose of at his own request. The repayment of the loan will have to be made by the immediate heir of the borrower (in the event of a death).

Full insurance repayment of debt

It must be taken into account that the entire payment of the debt can be made only in certain situations: disability or death caused by an accident or illness. In case of temporary loss of working capacity, the insurer will pay monthly premiums instead of the client, but only for a documented period of time.

Documentary confirmation:

  • certificate from the authorized body;
  • sick leave.

Voluntary life insurance in Sberbank

The price of health and life insurance issued by Sberbank is directly dependent on the amount of the loan. Use of this program is offered at the time of application for its receipt. If you have a policy, bank representatives talk about a much greater likelihood of receiving a positive decision. When concluding an insurance contract, you should consider:

  • the policy is issued at will, i.e. is voluntary;
  • it can be canceled within a month after receiving the loan.

Many clients often resort to the latter option. As a result of taking out a policy, they not only increase their chances of obtaining a loan, but also get a much larger amount of borrowed money.

Is it possible to cancel insurance?

Life and health insurance when lending at Sberbank can be canceled at any time. In addition, funds already paid will be returned.

The amount of the refund depends on the term of the contract:

  • the entire amount - in case of refusal after 30 days;
  • half of the funds - for 1-6 months;
  • a small part of the amount - after 6 months.

These funds can also be returned in a situation where the loan has already been repaid, and the insurance period has not yet ended. It is necessary to submit an application with an extract on the absence of debt received from Sberbank. It is necessary to take into account the possibility of disagreement of representatives of the insurance organization to accept such a statement. In this case, you can defend your rights in court.

Cancellation and return of insurance

Contract termination situations:

  • the borrower does not want to continue to use the services of an insurance organization. It is required to submit an appropriate application, after which the payment of already paid contributions is made;
  • in the event of an illness specified in the contract. As a rule, at the time of signing the insurance contract, it is necessary to present documents confirming the absence of these diseases. But, when obtaining a loan and simultaneously insuring the client, they are not required;
  • the occurrence of insured events that were specified in the contract. The company pays the debt and the policy terminates.

Insurance policy payment

When issuing a loan, a life insurance policy at Sberbank is issued for one year. After the end of this period, it should be extended until the end of the total credit period.

Payment methods:

  • included in the body of the loan;
  • paid separately from the loan once a month.

The first option is very often offered by the bank. Thanks to this method, you can repay the loan in a general installment and not think about other payments.

Insurance programs

It should be borne in mind that the bank has a benefit as a result of drawing up an insurance contract. If the borrower is unable to repay the debt, these obligations are assumed by the insurance company.

Credit insurance

When insuring a loan, contributions for the entire loan period will be transferred to Sberbank Insurance. According to available statistics, only 6% of all loans are repaid by the insurer. Therefore, the availability of insurance for loans with a short term is not mandatory.

Mortgage insurance

For borrowers, life insurance is considered important in case of obtaining a mortgage at Sberbank , since its duration can be 20 years or more. This policy protects against unforeseen situations, and Sberbank reduces the rate by 1%. In order to realize the advantages, it is necessary to compare the size of the discount and the cost of the policy itself.

When mortgage lending, the law provides for the need for property insurance. If it is damaged or destroyed, then the insurance company will have to fulfill obligations within the cost of housing to the bank. Since it is necessary to pay off contributions for property security, there is not always enough money for life insurance. Then you can reduce the amount of the loan itself.


As a result of obtaining a voluntary health and life insurance policy from Sberbank Insurance, borrowers protect themselves and their loved ones from unnecessary worries.

List of available programs:

  • Protection of loved ones;
  • Airbag;
  • head of family;
  • Corporate insurance;
  • Protection of loved ones is a plus.

Insurance program "Head of the family"

Any of the proposals provides protection to the borrower's loved ones if an event occurs that results in disability or death. Life and health insurance when lending at Sberbank, of course, plays into the hands of all members of the borrower's family.