Buy Gazprom shares to an individual in Sberbank


One of the largest companies in Russia, which is engaged in the extraction of gas and oil - Gazprom. Investing money in its shares is considered a fairly profitable event. How can an individual buy Gazprom shares in Sberbank and what are the features of this procedure?

Acquisition of Gazprom shares in Sberbank

The main stake in this organization belongs to the state. These securities are now sold on stock exchanges, and almost anyone can become their owner. The sale or purchase procedure can be carried out by any individual or legal entity, including also citizens of other states.

Only standard shares are freely available for purchase, among which there are no preferred options for securities. At the moment, Sberbank CIB offers an opportunity to make purchases and remotely manage your portfolio. Sberbank provides brokerage services, and, if necessary, can manage the assets of the share holder. To complete these transactions, the services of various markets are used - urgent, over-the-counter or stock (as with Gazprom securities). Buying Gazprom shares for an individual in Sberbank is not difficult, you can use other options. But in Gazprom itself, this service is not available.

Ways to buy securities:

  • Gazprombank does not provide for the repayment of the commission or the procedure for drawing up a contract;
  • for private individuals - a contract is required and registration of ownership in a special Register;
  • in a brokerage company - a service agreement is drawn up, a transaction is made with a broker that provides for the payment of commissions, or a fee is paid to an intermediary.

The procedure for a private person to buy Gazprom shares in Sberbank is the most convenient way.

Analysis of the benefits of company shares

Before purchasing Gazprom shares from Sberbank, their value should be clarified in advance, because. it can change every day. You can always get acquainted with the price from representatives of Sberbank, on the website of the MICEX Stock Exchange, as well as in the media. The cost is influenced by global, state and economic factors.

In order to make a profitable purchase, you first need to familiarize yourself with the fluctuations in the prices of these securities. To find out the most profitable purchase period, you can use the professional advice of experts in this field.

Instructions for buying Gazprom shares in Sberbank Online

To access the remote systems of the bank, you need to become a client of the bank by issuing any Sberbank plastic card (if not available). As a client of Sberbank, you need to contact the nearest branch of the bank to gain access to the Sberbank Online system, as well as conclude an agreement with the bank on access to a brokerage account (service). You must have your passport with you.

After that, enter the Sberbank Online Personal Account and go to the Brokerage Services section.

Possibilities of brokerage services in Sberbank Online

  • accurate calculation of the number of shares with the help of a bank representative (if their number exceeds 2%, then the owner receives the right to attend the shareholders' meeting);
  • option for saving securities: paying for the use of a depository in a bank or creating your own security measures.

At the time of purchase, a certain commission of 0.5% is paid.

The purchase of Gazprom shares by an individual in Sberbank will not take much time, a few days at most. In this case, it is quite possible to make a profit due to the payment of dividends or as a result of price fluctuations.

Dividends are paid continuously, even at the time of a decrease in their quotation, for example, during the 2008 crisis.

Remote brokerage service - online trading in the QUIK system

If you buy Gazprom shares with the help of Sberbank, you can use online trading services in the popular QUIK .

To connect to the remote brokerage service system, you must contact the nearest Sberbank branch by filling out an application and receiving a login and password.

Login to your personal account QUIK (Sberbank)

The entrance to the personal account of the QUIK system is on the page .

Possibilities of the QUIK system

Thanks to the use of remote brokerage services, you can learn in a timely manner about:

  • change in value over a certain period of time;
  • applications of other participants and current stock quotes;
  • a list of transactions and operations with securities, as well as the size of the balance;
  • open position value, portfolio price, lower and upper margin limits;
  • access to the latest Reuters and Interfax news on the Internet;
  • list of orders and transactions for the current period.

If there is not enough knowledge or practical experience, then the process of managing its assets can be taken over by professional representatives of the bank.

How to buy Gazprom shares in Sberbank (video)

If you want to purchase Gazprom securities at Sberbank, you should familiarize yourself with the detailed information on this procedure, which is presented in the video.