How to transfer money to another person's Sberbank card by phone number


Today, the global banking system offers its users a wide variety of options for transferring funds. If the details of the recipient are known, then problems usually do not arise. It is more difficult to transfer money if this information is not enough, for example, only a phone number is known. This article describes how to transfer money to another person's Sberbank card using a phone number.

Conditions for managing the card account via phone

To work with the account via phone, you must first activate the Mobile Banking . Sberbank offers several connection options: visit any branch of the bank in person, activate from a computer , or go to the nearest ATM. You can also call the operator's hotline . The basic service is provided free of charge. More functionality is available in a paid tariff package.

Transfer of funds and personal account protection

In order for the money to reach you quickly and safely, our own system of protection against unwanted interventions and intruders has been developed. To complete the transfer procedure, the following conditions must be met:

  • activate the Mobile Bank on your phone in advance;
  • transfers of this type are made from debit cards registered for one person. Credit, corporate and virtual are not yet accepted for payment;
  • transfers are made only in rubles. If the money on the sender's account is in a foreign currency, then they are converted at the current exchange rate at the time of the transfer;
  • you cannot use a phone number for transactions between your own plastic cards.

Transfer via SMS 900 to the recipient's phone number

How to transfer money to another person's Sberbank card using a phone number without leaving home? To do this, you need to type the text, which will indicate the type of operation, the recipient's phone number and the amount. Individual blocks are entered with a space.

The system can accept a request for processing when using the following words: TRANSLATE, TRANSLATE,  PEREVESTI,  PEREVOD.

The above method takes a minimum of time and is designed to send other people small amounts of money. The size of the transfer is limited by the bank for protection in case of loss or theft of the phone. In the worst case, the attacker will be able to transfer some money to his account.

Transfer via SMS with several cards

By default, the bank binds only one plastic card to a phone number. This helps to avoid errors in regular and mandatory payments. If there are several cards, the system will give preference to one of them. Her details will be available for verification after receiving an SMS from Sberbank confirming the operation.

If you need to make a transfer from another card, then in the SMS you must specify the last 4 digits of your card number.

Transfer to another recipient's card

To transfer to another recipient's card, which is not set by default, in SMS: after the phone number, enter the last 4 digits of the card number (indicated on the front side). In the picture below - 1234 (example).

After completing the translation once, you can save this operation in templates. To transfer to another recipient's card, which is not set in the template, the last 4 digits of the card number are entered after the phone number. There must be a space between individual blocks.

This clarification helps to avoid various problems.

Limits on transfers via phone in Sberbank

The customer protection system has several levels. After the start of the transaction, the card becomes unavailable for blocking, so the bank's specialists have introduced special restrictions for such operations:

  • the daily rate of transfer or receipt of funds using a mobile phone is 8 thousand rubles;
  • the number of transfers per day is limited to ten.

Transaction protection and transaction status notifications

To ensure the security mode, the procedure is divided into several stages. The first is to type a special text message and send it. The system processes the request and sends an SMS for verification. The body of the message should contain the following information:

  • transfer size;
  • card type and last 4 digits of its number;
  • recipient's personal information. At the same time, the surname is not indicated in full, but only the first letter;
  • secret verification code. Serves as an additional means of protection against abuse by fraudsters. To confirm the procedure, you need to carefully study the text of the message in order to exclude possible errors. If inaccuracies are found, it is better to postpone the procedure in order to check with the recipient's data.

If the information is accurate, it should be validated and the transaction will complete successfully. After the receipt of funds, the recipient and sender receive SMS with the appropriate text.


Features of transfers to a number

In most cases, it is known which card is the main one when making quick transfers without specifying. However, if you have questions, it is better to send an SMS with the text "HELP" to the short number 900 .

The system will send a response message, which will provide brief information about the connected cards. Among the negative aspects of the system, it is worth noting the impossibility of returning incorrectly sent money. If such an error occurs, you can call the recipient's phone and explain the problem. In most cases, the issue is resolved positively.

The system works pretty fast. Delays in receiving a transfer happen very rarely due to technical reasons or in case of a heavy workload. Usually, the money arrives in a few minutes. The maximum term for receiving money is 24 hours. If during this time the funds have not arrived, then you will have to contact Sberbank specialists to clarify the situation.

Transfer via USSD requests from phone

SMS substitutes are USSD requests, which are used to gain access to various information or to conduct banking operations.

To transfer money from your phone by number, you need to dial a request like this: *900*12*recipient's number*amount of money# .

The transfer fee

In most cases, transfers from mobile are carried out without a commission, but sometimes 1% of the amount is charged for a transaction. We are talking about certain types of plastic cards or when the phone is in a foreign network. The commission is paid not to Sberbank, but to the operator. Requests from the phone are available even if there is no money on the balance of the mobile.

Create and save a translation template

If transfer operations are carried out to one person on a regular basis, then you can simplify your task by creating a template in the Mobile Bank. To do this, an SMS is sent with the content of this type: phone number, code name. Now, instead of a phone number, you can enter a short name, which is more convenient for many. As you can see, the ways to transfer money to another person's Sberbank card by phone number are accessible and understandable to everyone.

Details on managing an account through Mobile Banking (creating templates)

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