Sberbank Thank you "Impressions" - accumulation and use of bonuses


The Impressions project from Sberbank Thank you is one of the existing areas of the bank's incentive program, under the terms of which, when paying with a Sberbank card (on which the Thank you program is connected ) for goods and services, bonus points are awarded. At the same time, the available points can be spent on entertainment events participating in a partnership agreement with Sberbank.

The most profitable card in Sberbank today, on which Thank you bonuses are accrued, is "Card with Big Bonuses" . For customers who have issued this card, the bank charges cashback up to 10% (up to 20% in partner stores) for projects: "Travel" , "Impressions", "Gas stations (discounts and accrual of bonuses at gas stations)" .

Terms of accrual and use of bonuses under the program Thank you "Impressions"

Under the terms of the Thank you from Sberbank program, when paying for purchases with a Sberbank card (on which the bonus program is connected), up to 5-15% of the amount spent is returned (cashback bonuses), not only in stores and companies involved in transportation (air, railway , buses, companies participating in the Sberbank program), but also in the field of entertainment events, such as:

  • entertainment (organized events);
  • concerts;
  • theaters;
  • show;
  • children;
  • sport;
  • festivals;
  • and etc.

Discounts, promotions, special offers from program partners

The accumulated bonus points (for any purchases) can be used to pay up to 99% of the ticket price in programs participating in Thank You, as well as participate in promotions or receive a discount on regular special offers . At the same time, the bonuses available on the card account are converted at the exchange rate set by the program to the ruble.

The ratio of bonus points to the ruble

Under the terms of the Thank You from Sberbank program, bonus points are converted into rubles at the following rate:

1 point = 1 ruble.

How to spend bonuses on the Impressions project

In order to use the available bonus points for entertainment events (offering such conditions), you must go to the page of the Sberbank program and search by your location and upcoming events.

Go to the event of interest, and when making a payment, there will be an opportunity to pay part of the cost with accumulated bonuses.

Connecting the bonus program Thanks to the card

Sberbank offers several ways to activate the bonus program on the card, details on the page .

What cards does the program work on?

The Thank You program is activated on all cards of the bank, except for cards of the type: Visa Momentum, MasterCard Momentum, MasterCard Maestro and Visa Electron.

Details and individual questions

All information and details on the terms of the program Thank you "Impressions" from Sberbank and other projects of the bonus program on page .

You can get an answer to individual questions by calling the contact center of the bank .