Phone number of the Sberbank Contact Center


At Sberbank, support staff are ready around the clock to inform the client, provide assistance, advise, and it does not matter in which country the owner of the plastic card or account is located. The phone number of the Sberbank Contact Center has an option for each case.

How to call the Sberbank Contact Center - phone numbers

The regional offices of Sberbank use many numbers, but the main ones are:

  • 8 800 555-55-50 - it can be found on any Sberbank promotional products, website. It is free, you can call it from any phone - landline, mobile (all operators available in Russia). There is only one limitation - the number is intended for internal use, that is, a Sberbank client who is abroad will not be able to ask the right question;
  • +7 495 500-55-50 - if help, advice, advice is needed by a Sberbank client located outside the Russian Federation, then you should call this particular number. It must be borne in mind that it is paid, that is, the operator charges a fee according to the tariff.

Both of these numbers are designed to solve the same problems, namely:

  • to communicate with the operator;
  • to perform various actions independently using the Client Code;
  • to listen to information using the voice prompts of the autoinformer and manage your account by dialing number combinations on your phone's keypad.

How can a call center agent help?

To get help from a specialist, just dial the phone number of the Sberbank Contact Center. The autoinformer greeting will indicate which features you can use. Then you need to press the number "0" on the phone keypad. If there is a free operator, he will answer instantly, otherwise you will have to wait.

After connecting with the operator, you can get the following services:

  • find out all available information about the bank's products (for example, their cost, tariffs, benefits);
  • find out the balance of any of your accounts, data on transactions performed, any other information related to accounts opened with Sberbank;
  • clarify all the necessary information related to the use of deposits, loans. These can be: maturities, balances, interest, profit margins;
  • block a bank card - such an operation is performed in case of loss, theft;
  • block your access to various remote services (Mobile Bank, Sberbank Online) if you do not want to use them.

Also, the operator is obliged to accept a complaint, information about failures, malfunctions in the maintenance of plastic cards.

How to use IVR

Call Center autoinformer menu

If there is no need to connect with the operator, the help of an autoinformer will do. The robot lists the available operations and indicates their digital codes. You can select the desired service by entering its number:

  • 1 - the card will be instantly blocked if it is lost, stolen, or not returned by an ATM;
  • 2 - information about the balance of the card, recent transactions with it. But first you need to go to the "Cards" subsection to enter your card number;
  • 3 - this is a section designed to inform about all banking services of Sberbank - loan programs, deposit offers, Mobile Banking, Sberbank Online services;
  • 4 - legal entities they can familiarize themselves with all the offers;
  • 5 - any member of the Thank You program can find out the exact number of accrued bonuses.

At any time, you can press 0 and connect with the operator.

Automatic operations

Using the Client Code, it becomes easy to perform various operations automatically.

  1. Checking the balance of any of your cards.
  2. Card blocking.
  3. Acquaintance with the proposals of Sberbank.

You can find out your expenses, get an identifier that makes it possible to use Sberbank Online.

To get the desired code, you need to contact the operator, indicate the card number, your passport details, the secret word. After the operator's command, you must independently dial the desired combination on the phone keypad. You don't need to announce it. The code will be stored in the menu and will be applied each time you use this feature.

Client code - getting, using

Popular automatic transactions through the phone number of the Sberbank Contact Center

  • Card blocking.
  • Find out the balance on the card.
  • Find out the latest transactions on the card.
  • Specify the identifier for logging into the Sberbank Online Internet bank.