"Travel" from Sberbank Thank you (accumulation and use of bonuses)


One of the most popular bonus projects is "Travel" under the Thank You program. Under the terms of the program, for Sberbank cardholders, the bank provides an additional incentive in the form of a return of bonuses for card purchases in the field of air, railway and auto services, as well as from other companies involved in the provision of services for passengers.

One of the most profitable debit cards that has a cashback return under the Thank You: Impressions, Travel, Gas Stations, etc. programs is the “Card with Big Bonuses from Sberbank” with a cashback of up to 10% (20% for partners).

How bonuses are calculated Thank you under the Travel program

Under the terms of the Thank You Travel program when using the card to pay for tickets:

  • air;
  • railway;
  • bus;

including the use of services:

  • hotels;
  • car rental;
  • Aeroexpress;
  • city ​​pass;
  • business lounges;

up to 5% is returned back as bonuses Thank you in the form of cashback.

The procedure for purchasing tickets and other services for which bonuses are awarded

To receive a bonus incentive for the Thank You “Travel” project, you must use the search on the Thank You Sberbank website , select the desired service and pay with a Sberbank card (on which the Thank You program is connected ).

After that, the bank's system credited bonus points to the card account.

The ratio of bonus points to the ruble

The accrued bonus points have the following ratio to the ruble:

1 point = 1 ruble;

Using accumulated points

After a sufficient number of bonuses have been accumulated, they can be used as an equivalent of money to pay up to 99% of the cost of tickets, hotel rooms, cars, etc. To do this, you need to select the desired service on the official website page and set the amount you want pay with existing bonuses.

Which cards are involved and how to activate the program Thank you

The Thank You incentive program is valid on all cards of the bank, except for: Visa Momentum, MasterCard Momentum, MasterCard Maestro and Visa Electron. To connect the Thank You Bank program, there are several ways, details on the page .

Program details and individual questions

All information on the procedure for providing bonuses on the page of the official website or by calling the hotline .