Cashback on Sberbank cards - interest, how to connect


For customers who have issued a card at Sberbank, it is possible to connect an additional incentive in the form of a cashback of up to 10% (20% for bank partners) - the return of part of the money spent on purchases with a bank card. At the same time, this offer does not apply to all cards of the bank and has several directions.

Cashback on Sberbank cards - what is it?

Sberbank has developed its own reward system for customers using bank cards to pay for goods and services - the Thank You bonus program. Under the terms of this program, when paying for goods or services with a Sberbank card (on which the bonus program is connected) in partner stores (more than 10,000 outlets and organizations), the bank charges up to 10% of the amount spent on the purchase and 20% for purchases from partners.

Accrued bonuses are analogous to rubles and can be used at any time to pay for part of the cost of goods (in retail outlets that have entered into a partnership agreement).

The ratio of bonus points to the ruble

Accrued bonus points are converted to the ruble in the ratio:

1 point=1 ruble.

On which cards is the Thank you program available (cashback)

The bonus points program is available on all Sberbank cards except: Visa Momentum, MasterCard Momentum, MasterCard Maestro and Visa Electron. But the terms and conditions are different. So, for example, the most profitable card (with the most profitable cashback) at Sberbank today is "Card with Big Bonuses" . It has the highest conditions for the return of part of the money spent up to 10% and 20% in partner stores.

The bonus program is valid on debit cards: "Youth", "Golden Card", "Classic", etc., including credit cards: "Credit Card
with Big Bonuses", "Premium", "Golden", Mastercard, etc. A complete list of cards, their features and conditions on page .

In which stores bonuses are accrued and where to use

Accrued bonuses in the form of cashback can be spent in stores and companies in several areas of the Thank You program related to projects:

About where they are charged and how to use it on the page .

How to connect the Thank you program (cashback) to the card

Sberbank provides several ways to connect the program to the card, details on the page .