Loss of a Sberbank card - what to do


No matter how careful we are, it is still impossible to insure against all unforeseen situations.
The loss of a bank card refers to force majeure. Therefore, Sberbank has prudently developed a number of instructions that will help answer questions if a Sberbank card is lost - what to do, where to go, how to act and how a new card is issued.

What to do if you lose your bank card

Having lost a plastic card, there are no guarantees that it will not fall into the hands of third-party people, and they will not take the opportunity to withdraw money from it. It is necessary to act promptly.

First of all, you should immediately block the card. This will limit the access of fraudsters and will not allow any transfer to be made. If the card was simply forgotten somewhere and then found, you will need to go to the bank branch with an identity card and unlock it.

If it is impossible to find the card, you must fill out an application for the loss at the bank branch. At the same time, the client account will remain available to receive cash or conduct proper transactions. You should always have an ID with you.

Card replacement options

If a Sberbank card is lost - what to do depends on your own desire:

  • you can issue a card of the same format and link it to an existing account;
  • order another type of card and also link to the current account;
  • completely refuse banking services: close the account, withdraw the available balance.

Reissuing a card in Sberbank

For more information about reissuing a card at Sberbank, the cost and terms, see the page.

After the option is selected, an application is written, where the parameters of the card required for use are noted. It will take about 14 days for it to be released. If there is a need during this period to make transfers, withdraw money, pay for services, you can do all this only through a bank cash desk.

How to block a card in case of loss

The most affordable and prompt option for blocking a lost card is to call the bank. There are several possibilities here to choose from.

There are two free lines for all mobile operators:

  1. call 8 800 555 55 50 free of charge from mobile and landline phones.
  2. By phone 7 495 500 55 50 you can call from abroad. The amount of payment is assigned by the operator of the country providing communication.

Blocking by SMS to number 900 - instructions

After connecting to the Contact Center, you can use the keys to select the blocking service. You should act in accordance with the prompts of the automatic informer. It is possible to connect with the operator in order to carry out the intended procedure.

If you prefer to work on your own, you can:

  • send an SMS notification with the BLOCK command (BLOCK, BLOKIROVKA or 03), then a space, the last 4 digits of the card number and the number 0. This will signal to the bank that the card is lost, and it must be blocked for this reason. SMS is sent to number 900 . If there is only one card, then you do not need to specify the card number;
  • use online banking. Having entered the service, you need to move to the card account and select the "Additional card transactions" option. The last item is "Lock", click. Once on the page of the short application form, fill in the appropriate sections. By default, the full name and card number are indicated. From the list of reasons, you must select - "Lost". Confirm the procedure with a code from SMS.

After the blocking operation, it does not hurt to double-check the balance. For this, there is a mini-statement of Sberbank. If an unauthorized cash withdrawal or transfer is suddenly detected, you should contact the police and indicate the number of this transaction in the application. Additionally, you will have to write a statement to Sberbank about disagreement with the operation. However, this must be done within 30 days.

Tips for the safe use of a bank card on video

Loss of a Sberbank card - what to do?

Sberbank does not charge a fine for the loss of a bank card by a user. But he takes payment for the procedure for reissuing the card. The amount will depend on the type of card.

The cost of reissuing in case of loss of different cards

Maestro Card Student.

Maestro Social Card.

Maestro Visa Electron card.

Visa Electron Momentum and Maestro Momentum card.

MasterCard Standard card.

MasterCard Standard Card Contactless.

Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold card.

MasterCard Platinum and Visa Platinum card.

Loss of credit or payroll card

The loss of a bank card in itself is very problematic. You will have to contact the bank branch to request the required loan amount, which you can use until a new card is issued. All current balance and card debt will remain unchanged. The debt must be repaid at the bank's cash desk.

Reissuing a credit or salary card

If a Sberbank credit or salary card is lost, they are reissued in the same manner as with a regular payment card. The only exception is that in the application for reissue it is necessary to indicate that the card was intended specifically for receiving wages.