Reissue of Sberbank salary card


The world banking system widely uses plastic cards of different systems and types. Plastic wears out physically, has a limited service life, so the cards need to be replaced with new ones from time to time. However, it is possible to replace the card in other cases, for example, in case of mechanical damage, loss or theft. Next, we will consider in detail the re-issuance of a Sberbank salary card.

Reasons for changing the card

The need to reissue a Sberbank card may arise in the following cases:

  • at the end of the validity period;
  • in case of mechanical damage that makes working with the card inconvenient or impossible;
  • when personal data changes, for example, the name of the owner;
  • the card was taken by a terminal or ATM;
  • the card was stolen or lost;
  • The PIN code fell into the hands of strangers;
  • unknown financial transactions are made.

To prevent unauthorized use of the account, you need to quickly block the card. If there is a bank branch nearby, you can contact any employee directly.

To block the card using the Mobile Bank, you need to type the message: "BLOCK" "last 4 digits of the card" "reason".

Reason code:

  • 0 - loss;
  • 1 - theft;
  • 2 - stuck in an ATM;
  • 3 is another option.

Application for re-issuance of Sberbank salary card

If the card cannot be used for reasons not related to its expiration date, then it is necessary to write a special application for reissuing the card. The process will be significantly accelerated if you contact the branch that issued the card.

Card reissue by expiration date

If the validity period indicated on the card is coming to an end, then a new one is already ready at the Sberbank branch. It remains only to sign and receive. Details - by calling the Contact Center of the bank.

The bank's system automatically monitors expiration dates and prepares replacement cards.
The branch receives the replacement approximately one month before the expiration date. Cards are stored in safes and are under reliable protection. Problems may arise due to possible technical failures, which are very rare. Usually the card is in the department and is waiting for the client to contact the employee. To get a new card, you need to fill out an application and wait a few days.

Terms and cost of reissue

Details on the timing and cost of reissuing Sberbank cards for different types of cards on the page .

Reissue of instant cards

The situation is quite different with cards that do not contain personal information on the front side. They are called "unnamed" (cards of the Momentum ). For them, Sberbank does not provide for a reissue procedure. You can choose one of the suggested options:

  • order and receive another card;
  • choose a new card of a different type, for example, a personal one;
  • do not order a new card. Money can be withdrawn from the card at the box office.

For ordinary cards that are expiring, there is no fee for reissuing a Sberbank salary card. If you want to get a card of an individual design, the bank will charge 500 rubles for the service. To reissue a lost or stolen card, you will have to pay 150 rubles.

Reissue procedure in another region

If at the end of the service life you have to be in another region, then you will have to act differently.

There are several options for action:

  • before the expiration of the card, call or contact your branch of Sberbank and inform about a trip to another region. A bank employee will process the request in a short time and send the card to the desired branch. In order for it to arrive on time and where it is needed, a request should be submitted 60 days in advance;
  • in the Personal Account, apply for reissue online;
  • visit a branch of Sberbank in a new location and write an application for a replacement card. In order for the card to arrive on time and there was no refusal, you need to do this within 60 days;

  • Abroad. Sberbank serves its clients through subsidiaries and partner banks. The form and system of payment for such a service differs from that adopted in Russia.

The above information refers to the replacement of debit plastic cards. Credit cards are changed only in their branch. You can get acquainted with such information on the Sberbank website.

Do not forget that the process of replacing the card in no way affects the system of working with a loan. All obligations remain.

Application for card reissue

Using the Sberbank Online , you can apply for a reissue of a Sberbank salary card. To access these features, you need to go through a simple registration on the resource. As a result, the user receives a login in his hands, the password for which he invents on his own. You can activate the service by calling the hotline number or in person at a branch of Sberbank.

If the Personal Account is already connected, then you need to proceed in the following order:

  • log in for individuals Sberbank Online . To do this, enter the ID and password in the fields;
  • select the item "Reissue card" in the menu;
  • find the required card in the list;
  • indicate in the appropriate column the reason for the request;
  • in the drop-down list, find the desired branch of the bank;
  • activate the application by pressing the "Reissue" button.

The system will put the request in the queue. Its status can be checked at any time through the Personal Account. Payment for services online is similar to receiving them at bank branches during a personal visit.