Reissuing a card in Sberbank - terms, cost


If you have a plastic card of Sberbank of Russia at your disposal, then you can use its capabilities throughout the entire period of validity. At its end, the card should either be renewed or replaced with a new one. We offer you to find out in more detail everything about reissuing a card at Sberbank - terms, cost after the expiration date.

Replacing a card in Sberbank

Reissue of the card should be carried out only in the branch of Sberbank in which it was issued for the first time. As a rule, the nearest branch to the place of residence is selected.

The validity period of an international class MasterCard or Visa card is 3 years. The date is printed directly on the front of the card. Premium ones have a shorter expiration date due to the rapid damage to the design as a result of use.

Card reissue by expiration date and other options

When the validity period comes to an end, you can choose any of the available options for reissuing a card at Sberbank - the terms and cost are indicated below.

  1. Replace the card if the established tariffs, conditions and service are suitable. At the same time, the account is saved for future use.
  2. Replace with another card.
  3. Close an account. For those customers who were dissatisfied with the conditions or quality of service.
  4. Change the account if the client wants to use another Sberbank card.

The process of reissuing a card after its expiration date assumes that the account (balance and number) remain unchanged. Only the card itself changes. As for the last two options, here the account is closed, and the money remaining in the account is issued through the cash desk of the bank branch. In this case, the card is destroyed right on the spot, in the presence of the user.

The procedure for reissuing a card at the end of the validity period

  1. After the expiration of the card, contact the bank branch.
  2. In accordance with the internal rules of Sberbank, a personalized card must already be made . And immediately issued on hand, which allows you not to stop using the services of the bank.
  3. The current account is linked to the new card number, and the secret PIN code is issued in a closed envelope. If desired, it can be changed.
  4. The old plastic card is destroyed.
  5. If there is no ready-made card in the department, the manager informs when it can be picked up.

Reissue Options - Other Reasons to Replace a Card

In total, there are several cases in which it is necessary to reissue the card. This:

  1. At the end of the validity period.
  2. Loss for any reason, incl. due to ATM hold.
  3. Change of surname or other reason for early re-registration.

When the card is lost, you must immediately inform the bank about it in order to block it.

You can do this:

After the bank is informed, you must come to the branch and apply for a new card. An employee of Sberbank can close an account or transfer money to another account. Reissue terms in such cases range from 3 to 5 business days. If you need to reissue the card ahead of schedule, then the procedure is similar:

  • a statement is written explaining the reasons;
  • the manager tells you when to come and pick up the finished card.

If the region of residence has changed, you must:

  • even before moving, it is necessary to warn the territorial branch about the need to re-issue the card in another region, indicating the desired date;
  • go to the branch at the new place of residence and notify of the need for replacement. It will take a little while;
  • it is impossible to reissue the card without warning at a branch of a bank located in another region.

How much does it cost to reissue a card in Sberbank?

The cost of reissuing a card at Sberbank depends on the reason:

  • if the card is replaced at the end of the validity period , then the reissue is free of charge . Only the annual card maintenance fee is charged;
  • if the card is replaced for other reasons (name change, loss, damage or because of an ATM), then the cost of reissuing will be from 30 to 500 rubles. (for a card with an individual design).

Detailed details on card replacement

You can find out everything about reissuing a card at Sberbank by calling the Contact Center .