Bank card insurance in Sberbank


With the help of certain banking programs, you can ensure reliable protection of your own funds. One of them is bank card insurance at Sberbank. Its effect applies to plastic cards that were received specifically at Sberbank.

Risks taken into account by card insurance

It is especially recommended to insure your money on a Sberbank card for those who often use remote resources, make payments using the Internet, receive cash in self-service machines, etc.

The list of risks taken into account by insurance:

  • receipt by unauthorized persons of money in a bank branch as a result of signature forgery;
  • taking possession of the card or its PIN code by other persons and receiving cash on it at ATMs;
  • fraudulent operations to remove information from the card (phishing, skimming);
  • loss, theft, robbery and further use by others;
  • Withdrawal by intruders of money in ATM devices using a fake card;
  • unexpected damage to a plastic card;
  • theft, theft or robbery of money independently obtained from ATM devices;
  • technical problems in the operation of ATMs, which led to the loss of the card.

Occurrence of an insured event

According to the terms of the insurance policy, it is necessary to report the incident by phone no later than 12 hours, and you should contact Sberbank within a few days after the occurrence of the insured risk. The insurance company will consider the situation and make a payment only under these conditions. To confirm this case, you will need to present the relevant documents to the bank.

Application form

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Among the advantages of this insurance, it is necessary to note the confidence when making financial transactions on the Internet, in the case of using self-service machines of other financial organizations and when receiving cash from ATMs.

Cash insurance on the card

When using Sberbank card insurance, the fee for the policy is set depending on the amount of coverage. Its amount is determined independently, based on the status of the card used, activity in financial transactions and personal priorities.

Available insurance rates:

  • for insurance 30 thousand rubles. - the price of the policy is 700 rubles;
  • for insurance 120 thousand rubles. - the price of the policy is 1710 rubles;
  • for insurance 250 thousand rubles. - the price of the policy is 3510 rubles.

How to get an insurance policy

Bank card insurance at Sberbank is possible at a bank branch. Insurance is connected to a bank account. This means that all cards linked to this account will take part in the program: both primary and secondary. It is also possible to draw up a general agreement, the effect of which will apply to all cards of Sberbank.

Online clearance

On page , there is an electronic form for an online application for bank card insurance.

Basic rules of insurance:

  • one policy is allowed to receive three payments;
  • valid for one year;
  • credit card protection is carried out according to a similar scheme;
  • as payments are made, the total amount of coverage will decrease in accordance with the amount;
  • at the end of the validity period of the main card, the risks will be covered by other cards;
  • when one card is insured and the period of its validity expires, it is possible to return premiums in an amount equal to the difference between the intervals.

The card insurance procedure at Sberbank is carried out in stages: choosing a program, drawing up an agreement, paying off the premium, receiving a policy in paper form.

Policy activation

To start the action of the policy, you will need to activate it first. This procedure is carried out independently, on the Sberbank Insurance website. You should enter the necessary information in a special form: date of purchase, last name, policy number, certificate code, email address and phone number. Activation is performed by checking the specified information with a computer database. This may take from a few minutes to several days.

Claiming Insurance Claims

After you have chosen a bank card insurance policy at Sberbank, you need to get information about your own actions.

Situations for taking action:

  • theft or loss of a card for various reasons;
  • receipt of money from the account by unauthorized persons;
  • demagnetization or damage to the plastic card.

If the established procedure is not followed, there is a risk of rejection. In order not to make mistakes, you can read the reviews of users of insured cards in advance.

Instructions for actions in the event of insured events

  1. Contact the operator of the Contact Center and ask to block the card or send SMS through the online bank.
  2. Make a call to Sberbank Insurance, indicate the policy number, explain the situation and follow the instructions.
  3. In case of committing criminal acts by other persons (cash receipt without the participation of the client, theft), contact the police.
  4. Within 3 days, submit an application to the office of Sberbank Insurance.
  5. Prepare a list of documents that can confirm this situation: a decision to open a criminal case, an extract from Sberbank with recent transactions, a court decision, information about the fee for issuing a card.
  6. Obtain an affirmative decision on the transfer of insurance payments.

Payment of insurance is possible if an affirmative decision of the Sberbank Insurance Company is received. Previously, this company will examine the supporting documents and carefully check the need for payments.

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Protection of funds on the card

Bank card holders will be able to receive important information about possible fraudulent activities in order to steal funds from the cards from the video. To avoid such situations, it is better to use bank card insurance at Sberbank.