How to find out the user ID of Sberbank Online


To enter your personal account, Sberbank Online Bank provides an authorization system using a login (identifier) ​​and password. If you want to enter the first ones or just don’t remember your ID, then below are ways to find out the user ID from Sberbank Online.

Using your personal account, you can not only make transactions using funds on the bank card, but also receive information on the status of the cash and bonus account on the card. This will be especially useful for holders of the new "Card with Big Bonuses" , since on it the bank provides favorable conditions for cashback up to 10%, for projects: "Impressions" , "Travel" and "Gas Stations (up to 3% with bonuses for refueling a car) » .

How to find out the user ID of Sberbank Online

In order to find out your user ID, the bank has provided several options:

Obtaining an ID through an ATM

For this, you need:

  • log in using your card and PIN;
  • select "Activate Sberbank Online" in the main menu;
  • in the list that opens, find the item "Get a password and login to log in";
  • the device issues a receipt with an ID and a password.

How to find out the identifier through the phone

Another way to find out the Sberbank Online user ID is using your phone. To do this, you should contact the operator of the Contact Center by calling the free hotline . You must be prepared for the fact that at the time of communication, a bank representative may request detailed information about the card, as well as passport data.

Registering with Sberbank Online and getting an ID

In order to clarify the login of Sberbank Online remotely via the Internet, you need to go through a simple registration on the official website of Sberbank . But for this, a phone number must be attached to the mobile bank of the card.

After going to the registration page and sequentially enter the required data data:

  • in the specified column you need to enter the full card number;

  • indicate a telephone number;
  • enter the code sent in the message;
  • in a new window, type the previously received identifier;
  • create your own password;
  • check the information and confirm it with the appropriate key.

The specified password and identifier should be remembered or saved. At the time of the next login, you need to click "Login" and indicate the saved codes in order to use the possibility of remote control of your personal account.

Sberbank Online service and its capabilities

Internet banking can be used by those who have a valid card account. It doesn't matter what kind it is. Before obtaining an identifier, you must familiarize yourself with all the existing features of using this Sberbank service.

Service features:

  • quick activation of other remote services (Mobile Bank);
  • verification of completed financial transactions and control over the balance of cards in order to identify illegal actions of unauthorized persons;
  • remote financial transactions: money transfers to individuals and between own accounts, payments for the services of various organizations, withdrawal of accumulated funds, creation of templates for regular payments for telephone, housing and communal services and other services;
  • blocking of cards in case of their loss, theft or if illegal actions of intruders are detected;
  • connecting services and bank cards via the Internet: opening deposits or deposit accounts, applying for bank loans, etc.

Video instruction on how to find out the user ID of Sberbank Online

In the presented video instruction, you can find detailed information about the fastest way to get a login - using Sberbank Online.