Connecting Sberbank Mobile Bank via SMS


Connecting the Mobile Bank system gives its customers control and management over all accounts. There are various options, however, the connection of the Sberbank Mobile Bank via SMS is not provided. It is necessary to consider in more detail the currently available methods.

Features of Sberbank Mobile Bank

After activating the Mobile Bank, access is opened for quick financial transactions and obtaining complete information about your account without a visit to the bank. List of available actions:

  • replenishment of telephone numbers of other persons;
  • payment of invoices according to the details of institutions and companies;
  • transfer of funds from the card to the phone;
  • money transfers to cards issued by Sberbank;
  • transfer of funds to Sberbank cardholders, knowing only their phone number;
  • regular payments in automatic mode for a loan, telephone, housing and communal services;
  • transferring money to the accounts of various organizations.

After activating the Mobile Bank in Sberbank, you can block cards in an accelerated mode. To do this, you need to send an SMS to the short number 900. Thus, you can stop the actions of unauthorized persons who want to use the money.

Service list:

  • providing information about the amounts credited to the account;
  • sending SMS when paying for goods or at the time of withdrawing money from the card;
  • requesting data on the last completed transactions;
  • request for information about the balance of money on the card account.

Connecting Mobile Bank

To activate the service, various methods are offered: using ATMs, online banking, a personal visit to the bank.

Choosing a Mobile Banking plan

Before activating the Mobile Bank, you must select a tariff plan: Full or Economy. The Economy tariff is absolutely free, but has some limitations. For example, you will not receive notifications about withdrawals or receipts of money, and you will have to pay an additional fee (3-15 rubles) to fulfill requests for completed transactions or the balance. The Full package costs 30-60 rubles a month and includes many useful features. Before choosing the optimal package, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of personal use of the card.

Is it possible to connect Sberbank Mobile Bank via SMS 900?

Connecting Sberbank Mobile Bank via SMS, without activation at an ATM (terminal) , branch or Contact Center is not possible . The fact is that messages can be sent to number 900 only after activation of this service.

Connecting Mobile Banking to an ATM

  1. Insert the card into a special receiving compartment.
  2. Type the PIN code on the keyboard.
  3. In the main menu, select the "Mobile Banking" section.
  4. In the list of possibilities, click on "Connect the main card".
  5. Choose a tariff plan option: Full or Economy.
  6. Check the specified parameters, including the phone number.
  7. Confirm your actions by clicking on "Connect".

The connection procedure is carried out as a result of consideration by the bank of the application and can last up to 3 days. After activation of the service, a notification will come.

Connecting Mobile Banking via Sberbank Online

For this you need:

  • enter your personal account Sberbank Online;
  • open the Mobile Bank in the personal menu;
  • open the "Connection details" item;
  • click "Connect";
  • opt for a specific tariff plan;
  • specify in the template: phone number, card account, selected tariff;
  • press the "Connect" button;
  • confirm your actions by pressing the appropriate button.

When correction of the entered data is required, the "Back" key should be used. This will redirect you to the previous page. This method is available if Sberbank Online is already activated. Otherwise, you need to visit a bank branch or call the Sberbank Center by phone.

When the identifier is issued, the password should be invented independently at the time of registration in the system. After sending SMS commands to a specific number, you can receive special codes with which various operations in online banking will be available.

The procedure for connecting to Sberbank Online - photo instructions

  1. Register - enter an ID and a password.
  2. Confirm the login procedure by entering a special code.
  3. Find the "Mobile Banking" section.
  4. Open the Connection Details item.

Connecting the Mobile Bank of Sberbank in the branch provides the most complete information on the services provided. It is enough to provide your card, choose a tariff package and confirm your phone number. The specialist will independently perform all the settings and inform you about it.

Limits and restrictions on the execution of operations

In addition to regular messages, you can send ussd commands that include certain numbers. After dialing any of them, you should press the "Call" key. As a result of this, a certain action will be performed or the required information will be obtained.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the different types of existing commands in advance. In addition, there are some restrictions on the implementation of specific actions.

Operation limits:

  • replenishment of other telephone numbers - about 1500 rubles. and up to 10 operations per day;
  • payment of a telephone bill (own or specified in the template) - about 3 thousand rubles. per day;
  • transfers to Sberbank's own cards - about 100 thousand rubles;
  • payment of accounts of organizations and legal entities - about 10 thousand rubles. for any account;
  • transfers of funds to the card of another bank user using his phone number specified in the Mobile Bank - about 8 thousand rubles. and up to 10 times.

All SMS and ussd commands of Sberbank Mobile Bank

A complete list of commands to number 900 for managing an account with Sberbank is in.

Connecting Sberbank Mobile Bank via SMS - video