Which stores accept bonuses Thank you from Sberbank


Sberbank, as an encouragement to customers using bank plastic cards (on which the Thank you program is connected ), accrues bonus points in a set percentage of the amount spent on card purchases. At the same time, stores that accrue and accept bonus points have a partnership agreement with the bank. Where and how you can use the accumulated bonuses Thank you, below on the page.

The most profitable card on which a part of the spent amount is returned in the form of a cashback (up to 10%, and 20% in partner stores) is "Card with big bonuses" . On this card, there are projects of the Sberbank Thank you program: "Travel" , "Impressions" and gas stations - accrual of bonuses up to 3% and discounts on refueling a car .

Activation of the bonus program

To participate in the Thank You program, you must activate the Thank You program in one of the following ways:

  1. Through an ATM. The program is activated with a personal code. To do this, in the main menu, select the "Bonus Program" tab and indicate your phone number. An automatic message will be sent with a password to enter the program. Thank you.
  2. Through online banking. In order to become a member of the program, you need to enter your personal account and select the "Thank you from Sberbank" section. There you must check the box and agree to its terms. Next, a secret code will be sent to your mobile phone.
  3. Through Mobile Banking. You will need to send a message with the word THANK YOU, as well as indicate the last four digits of your bank card separated by a space. After a few seconds, you will receive a code that confirms participation in the program. When the system receives confirmation, a new password will be sent to use the service. Thank you.

Where are bonus points earned?

As a rule, outlets where you can spend bonus points , they themselves accrue these points. After the purchases are paid with the card, part of the cost of the products is returned to the personal bonus account. The number of bonuses will depend on the store where the purchase is made. At the moment, there are a lot of stores (networks, companies) that are partners. Among them:

  • Oodji (clothing store) - 5% of the purchase;
  • Kari (shoes and accessories store) - up to 4.5% of the purchase;
  • Pierre Cardin (shoe store) - up to 4.5% of the purchase;
  • Philips (household appliances and home goods store) - 2.5% of the purchase in the online store;
  • YvesRosher (shop of cosmetics and accessories, as well as beauty products) - 200 points when buying in an online store;
  • Euroset (mobile communication, mobile phones and accessories) - up to 5% of the purchase;
  • Pyaterochka (consumer goods and food products) - up to 2% of the purchase.

A complete list of stores and trade organizations accruing bonuses Thank you on the page of the bank's program.

About 10,000 retail outlets are partners of the Thanks from Sberbank program, many of which trade online. Many online stores transfer part of the amount from the purchase to the bonus account. In addition to shops, you can get points at travel agencies, entertainment venues, car companies, online ticketing services, etc. Most outlets regularly organize promotions during which you can get the maximum number of points. For example, when buying certain models of clothes or shoes. Using such offers, points accumulate much faster.

Where do they accept bonuses Thank you

To use the accumulated points, the program provides several projects in the following areas: "Travel" (tickets, hotels), "Impressions" (theaters, cinema, entertainment, etc.) and "Gas Station" (bonuses for refueling a car). Each of these areas has its own list of program partner stores. A complete list of retail outlets and organizations accepting bonus points as the equivalent of rubles is on page Thank you.

After choosing the necessary goods or services, you need to:

  • inform the seller about the desire to pay for the purchase using bonuses;
  • the cashier writes off the required number of points from the bonus account;
  • Only the rest of the purchase is paid with real money.

One bonus point equals one ruble. The maximum amount that can be paid with points is 99% (according to legislation).

Knowing which stores accept bonuses Thank you from Sberbank, you can make a bargain in online stores (the list is also on the program website ):

  • select the necessary goods and send them to the "Basket";
  • from the available payment options, select the option "Payment Thank you";
  • indicate the amount that will be deposited at the expense of bonus funds;
  • wait until the specified points are written off by the system.

Bonuses must be used within 36 months from the date of their accrual. If points are not deducted, they will be canceled automatically and the program member will have to accumulate them again.

In what cases accumulated bonuses burn out

Before you find out which stores are members of the Thanks from Sberbank program, you should be aware of a number of exceptions and features that are typical for writing off Thank you points:

  • if bonuses are not used within 36 months, they are automatically written off by the system;
  • when closing a bank account, bonus points burn out;
  • if it is decided to return the goods for the purchase of which bonuses were accrued, they are canceled;
  • if the partner store where purchases were made ceases to operate or simply ceases to cooperate with Sberbank, all bonuses disappear;
  • if desired, the accumulated points can be transferred to charity;
  • if bonuses were received on the account in any illegal way, as soon as the fact of fraud is revealed, all points will be written off.

In order not to encounter such situations, you should carefully read the above rules for accruing and using bonus points under the Thank You from Sberbank program.

It is also worth controlling the number of points immediately after part of the bonuses for purchases are debited. To do this, you can use Sberbank Online or Mobile Bank, contact a Call Center (you will have to use a special activation code in the Thank you from Sberbank program).

List of stores accepting thank you bonuses from Sberbank

A complete list of stores accepting bonuses Thank you from Sberbank on page , for a given region of the Russian Federation.