In which stores bonuses are awarded Thank you from Sberbank


Bonus program Thank you allows its participants to accumulate bonuses for purchases by paying with a bank card. In the future, points can be written off from the bonus account to pay for services and goods at partner outlets with which Sberbank cooperates. In this article, you can find out in which stores bonuses are awarded Thank you from Sberbank and how to spend bonuses correctly within the program.

How bonuses are calculated Thank you

Every cardholder can earn bonuses. Moreover, it absolutely does not matter which card: credit, debit, premium or others. In order to become a user of the Thank You program, you need to activate the service using a self-service device (terminal or ATM) or do it online. As soon as the activation is completed, you will receive an SMS about connecting to the bonus program Thank you .

In which stores bonuses are awarded Thank you from Sberbank

In order for the bonus account to increase, it is enough to pay for your purchases with a card in Sberbank partner stores.

The list of partner stores where you can receive bonuses:

  • Kari;
  • Pierre Cardin;
  • Pyaterochka;
  • Euroset;
  • Adamas;
  • Pegas;
  • Finn Flare;
  • Sochipark;
  • Ascona;
  • Zenden;
  • All tools;
  • Hurom;
  • xcom shop;
  • Gorki city;
  • PAMK.

The full list of stores is on page Thank you.

In addition to paying for purchases in these stores, the Thank You service offers additional benefits, more about which can be found through a Sberbank ATM. To do this, in the main menu you need to click the "Bonus Program" tab.

In the next image, you will be able to find out the status of your balance, which consists of bonus points transferred for purchases in stores from the above list. By selecting the “Program Partners” item, you can find out about the hottest offers of all partner outlets of Sberbank. Upon completion of this operation, the system will issue a check (the service is provided free of charge), which will contain all the conditions for accruing bonuses, as well as the terms during which valid promotional offers.

When performing any financial transactions, you can receive all the information about your bonus balance. In addition, the ATM does not charge a fee for printing a check, and the card remains in the device, so you do not have to spend a lot of time performing this operation.

Accrual of bonuses for online purchases via the Internet

Many of the partner stores trade online. It is necessary to periodically study promotions from partner online stores of Sberbank. Their list is large enough to accumulate the required amount of points in a short time to pay for subsequent purchases. In which stores are bonuses awarded Thank you from Sberbank? The most common ones can be seen below.

A complete list of online stores that accrue bonuses for purchases is on the page .

Bonuses from the Thank You program can be accumulated for using the following services and products:

  • hotels (Moskovskaya, Imeretinskaya, Volna (5%), Rixos (15%);
  • cruises: Cruise house MK (2%);
  • jewelry stores: 4.5%;
  • insurance policy from Sberbank (about 5%).

In which stores you can pay with bonuses

You can use bonuses in partner stores of the program Thank you.

To write off points instead of cash from the bonus account, you must inform the cashier about your intention. The accumulated bonuses, which are registered in the balance sheet, will be deducted from the total cost of the purchase. The balance will need to be paid (the maximum value of the bonus payment can be 99% of the purchase price).

This article provides the most popular examples of which stores receive Thank You from Sberbank bonuses and how to use them.