Connecting the Thank You bonus program from Sberbank to a new card


The “Thank you” program is aimed at increasing cashless payments and stimulates payment by cards for goods in ordinary shopping centers and the Internet. Anyone who has a plastic card from Sberbank can use it. Among the questions usually asked to bank specialists, some relate to connecting the Thank You bonus program from Sberbank to a new card.

Accrual of bonuses in the "Thank you" program

The process of accumulating bonuses is based on a simple principle: the purchase is paid for by a card and the points are credited to a separate account. You can pay for goods with any plastic card after activating the program. For ease of use, earned bonuses are collected on a common account. It is the same for all cards, which helps to quickly collect the required amount of points and makes it easier to work with the payment system.

Each of the companies that cooperates with Sberbank on a contractual basis can set their own conditions for working with the program. Thus, the Pyaterochka retail chain transfers up to 2% of the purchase amount to the bonus account. At Burger King you can get up to 10%.

If the issue of accruing points for each company is fundamental, they can be viewed on the Sberbank website in a special section. In addition to ordinary trading enterprises, online stores can also be seen on the list. They are also actively involved in working with "Thank you" bonuses. There are also one-time promotions when stores offer a large percentage of bonuses for a specific product or at a certain point in time.

To activate the program, you can use the nearest ATM, visit a bank branch, sit down at a computer with the Internet or pick up a cell phone. The option is selected based on convenience and availability of free time.

Connecting to the Thank You program via phone - instructions

Sberbank acts for the benefit of its customers, therefore it offers various ways to work with accounts and services. A mobile phone, when the Mobile Bank service is connected, turns into a convenient tool for communicating with the system and allows you to work remotely.

Connecting the Thank You bonus program from Sberbank to a new card using a phone follows this algorithm :

  • to connect, short free messages to number 900 are used. In the text of the SMS, the command "THANK YOU" is entered, then a space and the last 4 digits of the existing Sberbank card. The program works with all plastic cards, but one is enough to connect. Received bonuses are credited to the general account;
  • the system will quickly process the request and send a message in response with a link to the rules for working with the loyalty program and a one-time code for checking the ownership of the phone;
  • the received code must be sent back for authorization;
  • the message will contain data for entering the Contact Center of the program.

To check the connection, just type a short message with the text indicated above. If the service is active, then an SMS will be sent in response with the size of the “Thank you” bonus balance. Otherwise, the text will say that the "Thank you" program is not connected.

Connection "Thank you" by the "hot line" number

Connecting the Thank You bonus program from Sberbank to a new card using a phone may be the easiest way for many.

  • 900 — for calls from mobiles within the territory of the Russian Federation, for MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, Yota, Motive operators;
  • 8 (800) 555-55-50 — free hotline number within the territory of the Russian Federation, active and available around the clock;
  • +7 495 500-55-50 — for calls from anywhere in the world, payment in accordance with the tariffs of your network.

More information about Sberbank contacts is on the bank's page .

After connecting to the system and listening to the introductory message, press "0".
There will be a redirect to an employee of Sberbank, who needs to state his request. For authorization, you will have to name the data of the card and passport. The operator then activates the loyalty program. The amount of accumulated points can be found in the Personal Account or from a mobile phone. To use the accumulated points, you need to tell the seller about it at the checkout. Do not forget that the "Thank you" program is intended only for non-cash payments.