Bonuses Thank you from Sberbank at gas stations - accrual and use


The Thank You from Sberbank loyalty program in 2019 also cooperates with gas stations in Russia that have entered into partnership agreements with the bank. At the moment, when paying with a Sberbank card with an activated Thank you program , up to 3% bonuses (cashback) are credited for refueling at a gas station that is a partner of the program.

The most profitable card on which the conditions for accruing bonuses are valid Thank you from Sberbank at gas stations is "Card with big bonuses from Sberbank" . cashback return of up to 10% (up to 20% for bank partners) of the amount spent on everyday purchases, including for the Travel and Impressions projects.

List of gas stations accruing and accepting bonuses Thank you

At present, the list of gas stations that accrue and accept bonus points for refueling a car includes the following companies:

  • gas station "Ros&Neft";
  • Neftemarket;
  • gas station "NEFTEKHIMPROM";
  • OMNI;
  • City Oil gas station;
  • AZS-H1;
  • Gas station "Petrolstart";
  • Gas station "Prime";
  • gas station "KNP";
  • gas station "Tatneft";
  • Network of gas stations "EKA";
  • Unigaz.

How bonuses are calculated

When paying with a Sberbank card on which the Thank You program is connected, the bank's system automatically credits up to 3% of the spent amount as bonuses to the card's bonus account. Subsequently, the accumulated bonuses (from 500 - 1000, depending on the selected gas station) can be paid for up to 99% of the fuel.

The ratio of bonus points to the ruble

The accumulated points can be used as an equivalent of money, at the rate of:

1 bonus point = 1 ruble.

Location (address) of gas stations accepting and accruing bonuses

In order to find out where the nearest gas stations that are partners of the Thank you from Sberbank program are located, you can use the program website by selecting the search for partner gas stations based on your location.


After selecting a partner gas station, click "Gas station addresses".

Program details and individual questions

All information on the terms of the gas station program thank you from Sberbank on the official website page or by calling the bank's hotline .