Connecting the bonus program of Sberbank


Many Sberbank cardholders have already heard about Thank You bonuses, but they are interested in the connection details and the possibility of using the accrued points. Sberbank has developed and implemented this system to widely popularize cashless payments. Paying for goods with a card eliminates the need to have cash, generating income along the way. Connecting the bonus program of Sberbank gives a unique opportunity to return the money spent back.

Thank you points program from Sberbank

Card payments have become familiar to many buyers. Sberbank is today the largest bank in the Russian banking sector due to its huge number of branches and flexible management policy. Card users, in addition to amenities, also receive additional points, which can then be used for new purchases.

It is very easy to work with the bonus system. To do this, you need to connect the bonus program of Sberbank to one of the cards, and then simply pay for goods non-cash. To accumulate bonuses, a separate account is provided, common for all plastic cards.

The selected product is paid at the checkout with a card, and points are transferred to the bonus account with each purchase. Their number may vary for different stores. Detailed information about this can be found on the Sberbank website.

Bonuses are awarded only to companies that are in partnership with Sberbank. The number of such companies is constantly increasing. Some stores may transfer up to 20% of the purchase amount upon purchase.

Connecting the bonus program via the Internet

Sberbank offers to activate the Thank You program in various ways. The most convenient is to connect the bonus program through Sberbank Online. This eliminates the need to visit a bank branch and is more convenient for many than using an ATM.

The Sberbank Online personal account is available to all bank card holders. Access to the Internet Bank is possible after obtaining a user ID and activating the Personal Account. There are various ways to do this, described in other articles.

Login and password are required to enter the system . If the service is activated, then they are already on hand. Having entered the Sberbank website, enter these data in the Personal Account login form. After that, in the menu we find the section "My bonuses". It remains to follow the prompts of the system and fill out the form, indicating the phone number and e-mail.

To verify the owner of the mobile phone, an SMS with a code is sent. It is an integral part of the multi-level security system of a financial organization. The service is provided free of charge.

Only a small part of the huge functionality of the Sberbank Online service is described above. In fact, the possibilities of remote access are very large.

Connecting the bonus program of Sberbank "Thank you" through an ATM

ATMs have great functionality and can help with connecting to the loyalty program. To do this, select the item "Bonus program" in the menu. Then you need to follow the instructions of the system. When activated, you need to have a cell phone with you. It will receive an SMS with a verification code.

Checking accumulated bonuses on the card

An ATM will help not only activate the service, but also check the bonus account. It is available in the "Bonus Program" section.

To find the right ATM, you can make a request at any branch, call the "hot line" or look at the official website. You need to have your card with you to use the self-service device.

In addition to an ATM, you can get reliable information on accrued bonuses through your Personal Account. The service has great potential and helps to work with accounts independently.

Viewing the bonus account via phone

Mobile Bank service connected , you can find out the balance on the bonus account anywhere in the country. You will need to send a message with the number "9" to the number 6470. In response, you will receive an SMS with information about the number of accumulated points.

Use of bonuses

At the moment, many partner stores work with the thank you program, where you can spend the available bonuses .

Regular stores are being replaced by their online counterparts. The Thank You loyalty program works not only with simple stores, but also with online stores (more on this in the article ). Many trading platforms and online companies become partners of Sberbank and are included in the work with Thank You bonuses. At the same time, payments for purchases are built at the rate: 1 point is equal to 1 ruble.

The amount of bonus payment depends on the company and can reach almost 100%.

The list of stores where you can spend the accumulated earned points is on website . To pay for part of the purchase with bonuses, you need to inform the store employee about your desire at the checkout.

Mobile applications can also be used to control the bonus account. They are designed for the most popular mobile systems and are freely available on the Internet.

When buying goods in the online store for bonuses, you just need to follow the instructions and select “Thank you” bonuses as payment.

Today, connecting the bonus program of Sberbank gives the right to receive points from more than 100 companies, their number is growing every day.