Where to use the "Thank you" bonuses accumulated on the Sberbank card?


To attract Sberbank cardholders to the active use of cashless payments, the bank launched a special bonus program Thank you. Points are accumulated on a special account and can be used to pay for goods and services. Where to use the "Thank you" bonuses accumulated on the Sberbank card?

Activation of the Thank You program on a Sberbank card

connect the service to any Sberbank card. If there are several plastic cards, they automatically participate in the program, accumulating bonuses on a common account.

You can get comprehensive information on stores that are partners of Sberbank on the official website of the bank. Their number is constantly growing. When viewing the list of trading companies, it is clear that they use individual schemes for working with bonus points, so before buying it is worth clarifying what percentage of payment will be made due to “Thank you” bonuses, and how much you will have to pay in cash.

The activation procedure can be carried out in various ways:

  • through the Sberbank Online Personal Account . In the “Thank you” section, you will have to fill out a short form, indicating your contact phone number and email;
  • using an ATM. To activate the service, go to the appropriate menu section. The system will require you to enter a mobile number for verification. After a few seconds, a one-time password will come to it. It must be entered in the field on the display to confirm your agreement with the terms of service;
  • through mobile banking. Send a message like: "THANK YOU", a space, the last 4 digits of the card.

How are Thank You Bonuses calculated?

With each payment for goods in Sberbank partner stores, points are automatically awarded. Each company operates according to its own plan, so the percentage of deductions is different. A purchase at Euroset gives 0.5% bonuses from the amount of payment, while Adamas offers as much as 5%. Where to use "Thank you" bonuses received at Sberbank? Most often, the accumulated Thank You points are spent in Pyaterochka, Svyaznoy, other networks and retail outlets.

A pleasant surprise for the buyer are sales and promotions. If you follow them and make a purchase at the right time, you can get up to 10% bonuses.

Online stores also work with the Thank You program.

How and where to pay with "Thank you" bonuses?

On the Thank You website page there is a complete list of stores and organizations where you can use the Thank You bonuses accumulated on the Sberbank card as payment for goods or services.

Consider a special case - a purchase at Pyaterochka:

  • after choosing the product, you need to warn the cashier about the desire to pay for the purchase with “Thank you” bonuses;
  • the size of the amount is specified and part of the points is deducted from the bonus account, and the remaining amount for the goods is withdrawn from the main card;
  • The balance on the bonus account is checked through the Personal Account.

The Pyaterochka store provides its customers with the opportunity to fully pay for the goods with one Thank You points. If there are enough bonuses, then only 1 ruble will be debited from the main card.

Some stores provide points for purchases over a certain amount.

The Euroset chain of stores works with Thank You points for various categories of goods: household appliances, home goods, computers, telephones. Retail stores of the Svyaznoy company do not cooperate with Sberbank, so they cannot pay with Thank You points.

Payment with bonuses "Thank you" on the Internet

You can also use Thank You bonuses received at Sberbank in the online store. A complete list of online stores that accept bonuses is on the program website page .

To pay for goods with points, you must:

  • during the payment, select "Thank you";
  • fill out a form with personal data;
  • consent to the transaction;
  • enter card details and additional information;
  • enter the required amount and the number of points "Thank you";
  • confirm the payment with a one-time password that will be sent to your mobile.

Thank you bonuses can also be used to replenish your MTS mobile account. To do this, go to the official website of the company and follow the simple instructions.