How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss


A plastic card is a convenient means of payment, which is why Russians actively use them in life. But often people lose their cards and in order to restrict access to the account, it is necessary to block it. This can be done quickly, easily and in a variety of ways. This article discusses all the options for how to block a Sberbank card when it is lost.

Risks in case of loss of a bank card

Many people think that losing the card will not lead to any financial consequences, since it is protected by a PIN code. But this is relevant only for transactions using an ATM, terminal, and for online actions, this method of protection is not used. All that is needed to manage the card is its number, security codes, and the date until which it can be used. All specified information is placed on a plastic card.

In addition, many outlets do not require a PIN. Also, it should not be ruled out that the code may be known to the person who stole it. It is not uncommon for people to keep a note with a PIN next to the card. Therefore, each cardholder must block it immediately after the discovery of the loss, especially since it is easy to do.

Blocking through the Contact Center

How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss if there is no access to the Internet? Each ATM and terminal has numbers of the Contact Center . It is enough to call and voice the request to the operator.

Depending on the situation, the following phone numbers can be used:

  • 8 800 555 55 50 - designed for use in Russia. You can call from any phone (landline, mobile), it's free;
  • 7 495 500 55 50 - intended for cardholders outside of Russia. You can call from any phone. This option is paid.

Regardless of which number the call is made to, the algorithm of actions is the same:

  1. After listening to the autoinformer's greeting, you must press the button with the number "0"
    - this is necessary to connect with the operator.
  2. Wait for the connection and inform the operator about the need to block the card.

It is necessary to provide information about yourself and about the lost card, so you should have your passport and an agreement for the lost card with you. The blocking operation will be performed during the call. Further, at any convenient time, you should go to the nearest branch of Sberbank with your passport to issue a new card. The bank allows you to order a similar or any other type from the existing line. You will have to write a statement about the loss of the card, indicating its number. If suddenly the card is found, you must contact the department to write an appropriate application for unlocking.

Blocking via phone (Mobile Bank)

An equally simple way to block a card is to use Mobile Banking. It must be activated and the payment instrument linked to it. If all conditions are met, it is enough to send SMS to number 900. The command must contain the words BLOKIROVKA, BLOCKING, BLOCK. The letters must be capitalized or the command will not be executed. After any of the indicated words, you must indicate the last 4 digits of the lost card.

The command ends with digital codes:

  • 0 - if the card is lost;
  • 1 - if it was stolen;
  • 2 - if the ATM did not return;
  • 3 - if the situation is any other.

A command ready to be sent might look like this: BLOCK XXXX 0 . After sending it, a digital code will come, which will need to confirm the command, after which the lost card will be blocked.

If you choose not a letter command, but 03, then there is no need to send a message to block. It will be enough to dial the command *900*03*ХХХХ*0# and press the "Call" button. Where 900 is the phone number, XXXX are the last digits of the lost card number, and 0 is the code indicating that the card is lost.

Blocking through Sberbank Online

Before blocking a Sberbank card in case of loss using the Sberbank Online service, you need to connect to it. To do this, you need to call the Contact Center and express your desire. Next, an identifier will be obtained, which should be used when entering the Personal Account. The password must be chosen by yourself. You can also get identifiers using ATMs, but such codes are one-time.

After entering the Personal Account, all available cards will become available in the main menu. To select the lost one, you need to click it, then you need to go to the "Operations" section, where you click the "Lock" button (photo instruction below).

Next, a message with a confirmation code will be sent to your phone. It must be entered in a special window (opens after clicking the "Block" button). After the received code is entered, the blocking operation will be performed instantly. This will be confirmed by the corresponding inscription opposite the card in the main menu of Sberbank Online.

How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss through your Personal Account (photo-instruction)

Personal appeal to the branch of Sberbank

Those owners of lost cards who cannot or do not want to use remote blocking methods can contact any branch of Sberbank for help. Thus, it is possible to order a new card at the same time.

At the Sberbank branch, you must inform any free operator about the loss of the card and the desire to block it. A bank employee will ask you to write a corresponding application, it will take only a few minutes. You must have your passport with you and know the number of the lost card. After writing the application, unlocking will be carried out within a few minutes. No additional steps need to be taken. The procedure is free.

How to withdraw money from a lost card account

At the branch, at the same time as writing an application for blocking, you can receive the required amount in cash.

Loss of a phone linked to Mobile Banking

Many people are afraid of unauthorized transactions with money in the account, therefore, if the phone is lost, all available cards are blocked. It is not necessary. It is enough to come to the nearest branch of Sberbank and ask to change the phone number. You will need to write an application and the number will be changed in a matter of minutes. You need to have a passport and the card itself with you to confirm your right to perform such an action.

Card reissue

To regain control over the account, you must write an application for card reissue . You can apply for it at the same time as applying for a card block. You can order a similar card or some other. The newly issued plastic card will be linked to the existing account, so immediately after receiving it, you can perform money transactions.