Disabling Autopayment of Sberbank via SMS


The management and specialists of the largest Russian bank pay great attention to the quality of service and customer convenience. Some features may work automatically after being activated and configured by the user. Such payments free a person from routine duties, save valuable time, and help keep services always in working order without the need for control. The article will discuss the issues of working with the auto payment system, using the example of disabling Sberbank Auto Payment via SMS.

Auto payment service in Sberbank

The service is available to anyone who has a Sberbank plastic card in their hands.

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Mobile communication payment . First you need to configure the system to your liking. When the lower limit of the amount on the account is reached, the service gives a command to pay. If there are funds on the card, the required amount is debited in favor of the provider.
  • Utility payment . There are two main options for setting up payments. You can choose a monthly fixed payment or connect a periodic check of the debt to utilities and its timely repayment.
  • Payment for communication services . A system of payments of certain amounts to its providers of television, Internet, urban and mobile communications is being set up.
  • Payment of interest on a loan at Sberbank . In this case, Sberbank itself will withdraw the required amount from the account in time to repay the loan. To protect against possible errors, an SMS is sent to the mobile phone with information on the transfer of funds. The operation can be cancelled.
  • Payment of fines , payment of monthly taxes, payment of licenses and permits.

The use of automatic payments provides for a commission of 1% of the amount. Payments for mobile communications are exempt from paying commissions. When transferring more than 1 thousand rubles, the commission is not taken.

You can connect, configure, change and disconnect any automatic payment template in various ways.

Disabling the service via the Internet

Many Sberbank customers have heard or are already using the Sberbank Online Personal Account . It provides remote access to your own funds, reduces time losses, and increases convenience. To disable the automatic payment template, select the advise item in the menu. It lists all active templates. Auto payments are categorized for quick search.

Each template has the following columns:

  • plastic card number that is linked to the template;
  • the current account to which the payment is made;
  • transfer size;
  • payment time;
  • additional requirements and settings to optimize payments.

The template is assigned its own individual name. It will help you quickly find the one you need, if you need to make changes or disable it. To protect data from outside interference, the system necessarily informs the user about changes via SMS.

If you no longer need to make an automatic payment, you can quickly disable it in your Personal Account. Just go to the desired section, find the template and click the "Disable" button. A confirmation message will be sent to your phone. It should be entered in the required field on the screen.

Call to Contact Center

To activate the service directly from a mobile phone, you need to make a call to the "hot line". An employee of Sberbank is obliged to verify the identity of the caller, so he will ask a number of questions about the card and passport data. The operator will then create a new auto payment template. To disable such difficulties is no longer needed.

USSD 900

When the Mobile Bank is running, you can activate or deactivate it yourself. The simplest option is USSD requests. If there is only one card in hand, then a USSD request of the form is sent:

Disabling Autopayment of Sberbank via SMS to number 900

In addition to USSD commands, you can send requests in messages to number 900 of the form: “command” “minus” “phone number” “last 4 digits of the card”. Spaces are placed between SMS blocks. Commands can be selected from: AUTO PAYMENT, AUTO, AUTO TEL or: AUTO, AVTO, AUTO.

For more information on managing a card account through Mobile Banking, see.

Through an ATM

Such equipment is widely represented in all cities of our country. Many Sberbank customers use ATMs to receive cash, not knowing about their wide functionality. Through self-service devices, you can also work with automatic payment templates.

Disabling Autopayment of Sberbank through an ATM occurs  as follows:

  • log in to the system using a card and a PIN code;
  • go to the section with services and information;
  • find the subsection "Payments";
  • next to the desired template, click the "Disable" button.

The security system will require you to confirm the identity of the cardholder. To do this, an SMS with a code is sent to the phone. It must be entered into the line on the screen and confirm the action.

As you can see from the article, connecting, managing, deactivating Sberbank Auto Payment via SMS and the Contact Center is the most convenient. Auto payment services are designed to improve your account experience. They operate on the basis of templates, are easily configured and connected. Each automatic payment can be turned off, and in various ways. All management is in the hands of the Sberbank client, which contributes to better control and security.