Withdrawal limits from the Momentum Sberbank card


From the point of view of the client audience, the free service of an instant issuance plastic card significantly increases interest in it. However, it would not be superfluous to study all the nuances and limits of withdrawing from the Sberbank Momentum card, transaction fees, etc.

Limits and commissions on Momentum cards in Sberbank

It is allowed to withdraw cash on a Momentum card from Sberbank no more than 100,000 rubles per month. You can do this both through the cashier and through an ATM. If a foreign currency account is opened, then this amount will be 3,000 dollars or 2,500 euros. There is no commission.

True, there is a commission fee for issuing cash through an ATM per day. It is:

  • when withdrawing funds through the devices of the branch of Sberbank that issued the card - 0.5%;
  • when withdrawing from another territorial ATM from Sberbank - 0.75%.

It is impossible to carry out the same operation in subsidiaries located in neighboring countries.

In addition, we must not forget about the daily withdrawal limit. The parameter depends on the device involved:

  • through the cash desk of a bank branch - 50,000 rubles;
  • through the cash desk of other institutions, incl. child - the operation is not performed;
  • through a Sberbank ATM - 50,000 rubles;
  • through ATMs of other banks - not carried out.

For currency accounts, the limit is equivalent to: 1200 euros and 1600 dollars.

Within one day, you can only deposit up to 10,000,000 rubles (or the equivalent amount in foreign currency).

You can recharge your card in several ways:

  1. In cash through the bank's cash desk, using the details or the number of the plastic card.
  2. Cash through self-service devices (ATM, terminal).
  3. Using a card of a different format or a bank.
  4. From another card account through Sberbank Online or Mobile Bank.
  5. Through the SMS service.
  6. By using the mobile app.

In addition, special programs "Visa Direct" and " MasterCard MoneySend " have been created. Knowing the card number and using their service, you can easily carry out the operation.

They should be used on resources:

  • on the payment system portal;
  • in a smartphone application using MasterCard Mobile;
  • in terminals and ATMs that support this service.

It is necessary to pay for goods and services provided, taking into account the withdrawal limits from the Sberbank Momentum card.

Subject to the disposal of a foreign currency account, this amount is:

  • $3,500;
  • 2 500 euros.


  1. It is not possible to receive a salary on this account.
  2. It is not possible to re-issue until the current card expires.
  3. It is not possible to issue an additional card of the same type.
  4. In case of loss, the card can only be blocked and a new account opened.
  5. The old card is not renewed. This rule concerns the change of surname or personal data of the owner.
  6. It is not always possible to make payments in the Internet space, as some trading platforms have set restrictions.
  7. You can't check your balance through an ATM.
  8. Outside of Russia, the map is practically useless.

Features of Momentum series cards

The card is issued only when you personally visit a bank branch with a passport. It will be necessary to fill out the usual application form, enter personal data into the UDBO agreement and instantly receive a card.

Actually, this is the main advantage of the Momentum card. Especially when you need to open a checking account quickly.

It is mandatory to draw up and sign an UDBO, since this document provides the right to manage all available accounts and operations carried out on them. The external design of a plastic card is no different from any other type of card. On the front side there is the logo of the bank and the system, the date of issue, as well as an electronic chip that provides protection.

Differences of non-named cards:

  • the full name of the holder is not registered;
  • no code CVC2, CVV2 ;
  • card number consists of 18 characters.

The main feature of this card is free use throughout the entire period of use - 3 years.

There are limits for withdrawing from the Momentum Sberbank card per day and per month. In addition, there is a withdrawal fee.

Features of the Momentum card from Sberbank

  1. Make non-cash payments for purchases and services through ATMs and terminals.
  2. Pay on the Internet on trading platforms operating within the country and offering such an opportunity.
  3. Transfer funds using the remote services of Sberbank (Internet, mobile phone).
  4. Automatically pay mandatory monthly payments.
  5. Manage your account through mobile and online banking.
  6. Accumulate points within the Thank You program, and then use them to pay for purchases.
  7. Take advantage of offers and participate in promotions from MasterCard and Visa.

Along with all this, there are a number of characteristic criteria that do not speak in favor of the Momentum card.

Registration of unnamed cards

Read more about the design of Momentum cards in the article .