Daily limit in Sberbank Online, for cash withdrawal from the card


Users of Sberbank cards need to take into account not only the opportunities provided, but also certain restrictions. For example, a daily limit in Sberbank is provided for spending, withdrawals and transfers. Moreover, this limit depends on the method of receiving and spending money. This article discusses everything about the daily limit in Sberbank Online, for withdrawing cash from the card and replenishing it.

Daily limit in Sberbank depending on the type of card

There is a wide range of plastic cards, which are divided according to certain parameters.

Card classification:

  • type of payment system: MasterCard or Visa;
  • type: debit or credit;
  • class: Classic, unnamed, Gold, Premium or Platinum;
  • purpose: salary, social, children's or youth;
  • use case: international or domestic.

The bank also offers specific (contactless, electronic) and partner cards (Aeroflot, Give Life).

Sberbank cards differ not only in terms and conditions, but also have different daily withdrawal limits. Gold or Premium cards have the highest limit, depending on the withdrawal option: at ATM devices or at cash desks.

Cashiers or self-service devices in another region will charge an additional amount. You will also need to pay a commission if you use the services of other banks. And certain operations on some cards will be impossible to perform. The conditions for receiving money from subsidiaries outside the country are considered completely different - they provide for a stricter daily limit and commissions from Sberbank.

Daily restrictions on cash withdrawals from the card

Daily limit in Sberbank Online for cash withdrawal from a card, depending on its class:

  • Gold - 300 thousand rubles;
  • MasterCard, Platinum Visa - 1 million rubles;
  • Visa Electron, Maestro Momentum, Student, Social - 100 thousand rubles;
  • Classic - 150 thousand rubles.

In the case of using foreign currency accounts, the limit is identical, but recalculated at the current exchange rate of the account currency. The specified information is valid for receiving money at ATM devices or cash desks of the Sberbank division where the card was received. Such restrictions apply if the services of other banks or subsidiaries of Sberbank are used. If you exceed the daily limit in Sberbank Online for withdrawing cash from your card, you will have to pay a certain commission. It is charged both for the total amount and for the excess amount and is 0.5% for any card options, except for instant ones.

When performing transactions at ATM devices or branches using Visa Electron, Maestro Momentum , Social and Student , a commission of 0.75% is provided. For other cards, payment for exceeding the limit will be charged only at bank offices. When withdrawing from ATMs, additional interest will not be charged. For Student and Social cards, you can receive funds only in Russian currency.

When opening an account in a subsidiary of this bank outside the country (in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), an additional fee will be 1%, but there are no limits on the operation. Commission will not be charged in case of using cash desks.

The daily limit at Sberbank for withdrawing cash from the card is the same as at the cash desks of branches of other banks. But there are different commissions.

Commission rates:

  • in branches of Sberbank outside the country for Visa Electron and Maestro Momentum - 0.75%;
  • in branches of Sberbank outside the country for other types of cards - no commission;
  • in other financial institutions, transactions with Social and Student Sberbank cards are not possible;
  • in other banks and financial institutions - 1%, but min. 150 rub. (5 dollars or euros);
  • on the Momentum card, restrictions are set per day - 7.5 thousand rubles.

When using ATMs of subsidiaries, a fee of 0.75% is charged only for instant cards. In the case of using ATMs of other banking organizations, the commission is provided not for all customers. Its size is 1%, but there is a lower limit - 100 rubles. (3 euros or dollars). For Maestro Momentum and Social cards, cash withdrawals from ATMs of other banks are not available.

Monthly limit on cards in Sberbank

Monthly restrictions on Sberbank cards:

  • Classic - 5 million rubles;
  • Gold — 10 million rubles;
  • MasterCard, Platinum Visa - 50 million rubles;
  • Visa Electron, Maestro Momentum, Student, Social - 5 million rubles.

Similar sizes are set for foreign currency accounts:

  • Classic - 150 thousand euros or 200 thousand dollars;
  • Gold - 300 thousand euros or 400 thousand dollars;
  • MasterCard, Platinum Visa - 1 million euros or 1.5 million dollars.

Limits on Sberbank cards issued by a subsidiary:

  • Visa Electron and Maestro are not allowed to receive more than 7.5 thousand rubles. ($250) if the account was opened in Belarus, Ukraine or Kazakhstan;
  • the limit for Gold, Classic and Platinum is 2 thousand dollars or 50 thousand rubles.

Limits on transactions in Sberbank Online

To quickly perform remote transactions, many use the services of online banking. You should take into account the daily limit in Sberbank Online, for cash withdrawals from the card, for transfers, payments, transfers to other cards and accounts. Restrictions on daily payments in Sberbank Online:

  • about 500 thousand rubles: all transfers based on templates that were approved by the Contact Center or other services;
  • about 100 thousand rubles: transfers to cards of other Sberbank customers, to accounts of individuals and enterprises;
  • about 3 thousand rubles: for various operations with passwords that are issued on a check in ATM devices;
  • about 1 million rubles: transfers from deposits to their own social card accounts;
  • about 10 thousand rubles: replenishment of both your own phone and other persons, as well as transfers to Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Intellect Money, Qiwi, and using your phone to cards of other Sberbank customers.

The countdown is carried out from the moment of performing any of the operations. When using a currency account, recalculation is performed at the current exchange rate.

In addition to the daily transfer limit, there are also restrictions on the number of financial procedures performed.

Banking limits:

  • sending money from deposit accounts to the user's social cards - up to 2 times;
  • transfers from cards and accounts to own accounts, as well as to other users of Sberbank services - up to 100 times.