Conditions for burning bonuses Thank you from Sberbank


The Thank You service is one of the most popular programs of Sberbank, within which you can get an additional discount for paying for purchases with a bank card. For each purchase, points are returned, which are accumulated in a separate bonus account. These points can be used to pay for part of purchases in a particular partner store. We will consider further what are the conditions for the combustion of bonuses Thank you from Sberbank.

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Being an active client of Sberbank and paying for most of your purchases with a plastic card, you can appreciate the benefits of the Thank You service. Bonus points begin to accumulate from the moment you activate the service.

All accumulated bonuses can be spent on paying for goods and services at retail outlets that are partners of Sberbank.

The number of points for one purchase depends on the promotional offer that is currently valid in a particular store.

As part of the Thank You program, passive accumulation of bonuses takes place, except for paying for purchases, nothing needs to be done. All you need is to register in the program and pay for purchases with a bank card. The more purchases are made, the faster the required number of points will be accumulated for subsequent purchases.

Do Thank you bonuses from Sberbank really burn out?

Many customers are concerned about the conditions for burning bonuses Thank you from Sberbank. Bonuses can burn:

  • if during the year you do not pay for purchases with a bank card;
  • if the banking agreement has been terminated;
  • if you do not write off bonuses within three years from the date of their accrual to the bonus account.

In case of loss or theft of a bank card, you should contact the bank branch as soon as possible. When reissuing a card, bonuses will be credited to a new card, and the accumulated points for purchases are guaranteed to be saved.

How to find out how many Thank You bonuses are in the account?

To find out the status of your bonus account, you can use:

  • Sberbank Online;
  • ATM;
  • by phone: SMS, Mobile Banking, Contact Center.

Through Sberbank Online ( personal account)

You can check your bonus account under the Thank You program through Sberbank Online. To do this, you need to go to your Personal Account, in which you need to select the "My bonuses" section.

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By opening the Thank you service page, you can view all the information on the status of the bonus account.

Most users of the Thank You program choose this method of checking the bonus balance.
The popularity of the Sberbank Online service is explained by the fact that all operations can be performed at home. All you need is a computer and the Internet, as well as registration in the program. Thank you.

Through an ATM

Another simple option is using an ATM. In the main menu, select the "Bonus Program" tab, which contains all the necessary information.

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Using phone

You can also get information on your bonuses via phone using several methods.


You should send an SMS with the number "9" to the short number 6470 . The cost of the request is 3 rubles. All information about the status of the bonus account will be sent to the mobile phone in a response SMS.

In the Sberbank Online mobile app

By installing the Sberbank mobile application , at any time you can view how many bonuses have accumulated Thank you on the card.

Calling a Contact Center Specialist

More information about bank contacts is on the official website . By controlling your account and knowing the conditions for burning bonuses Thank you from Sberbank, you can fully enjoy all the benefits of paying for goods and services with a card.