Write-off of Sberbank's overdraft fee


Overdraft provides an opportunity to overspending your own funds, but not more than a specified amount. He received a particularly great demand even at a time when banks were just starting to issue credit money to the population. You need to know what this function is and how the Sberbank overdraft fee is debited.  

Overdraft in Sberbank

The overdraft service is currently available only for legal entities and is connected to the Sberbank salary card . Often situations arise when an organization needs to transfer finance to pay for a service, but there is no necessary amount of money. If money is periodically credited to her account, the bank can provide the required part in advance.

Borrowers will be able to pay for the necessary services and will not have to wait for the next cash transfers. After the transfer to the current account, the bank will automatically write off the money provided and interest for using the overdraft from the client. This service is considered quite useful, as it helps not only to pay bills, but also to easily maintain the turnover of organizations.

Overdraft for individuals

For individuals, this service is available only if they have a salary card, as well as an agreement between the organization and the bank. With this feature, individuals in the bank receive a small loan amount that can be applied for a short period of time. Thanks to this service, access is provided for the use of funds that are not currently on the account. After crediting funds to the account, the bank automatically removes the amount of debt and interest for the use of credit money.

This service can help bank customers in many situations, for example, when money is required before the salary is credited. But, for its use it will be necessary to pay a fee, which provides for a rather impressive interest rate.

You can't borrow any amount. It is set for each client individually.

Connecting the overdraft service in Sberbank

In order to gain access to this function, you will need a certain list of documents.

Such as: 

  • application for connection of the function;
  • passport of a citizen of Russia;
  • certificate confirming the availability of income;
  • additional document (driver's or serviceman's certificate).

How money is debited for an overdraft in Sberbank

Overdraft fees can be debited by Sberbank for using the following services:

  • payment for the issuance of funds;
  • account maintenance fee;
  • accrual of interest for the issuance of money.

The interest rate is determined depending on the specific credit limit, which is set by the bank.

If it is exceeded, the applicable rates will be much higher. The overdraft amount at Sberbank depends on the salary received by the client and can be in the range from 1 thousand to 30 thousand rubles.

The rate for using the service: 18% per annum - for accounts in Russian rubles and 16% per annum - in foreign currency. If the existing limit is exceeded, the bank will charge: 36% per annum for ruble accounts and 33% per annum for foreign currency accounts. The increased rate is charged only for the amount that exceeds the service limit determined by the bank. Accrual is carried out in case of untimely transfer of funds to the client's current account.

Informing clients about overdraft charges

Quite often, situations arise when borrowers think that they are paying with their own money, but in reality they use bank money. In such situations, the overdraft fee from Sberbank will be debited from the account.


It is necessary to make a payment for utility services, but there is a lack of funds on the card account. Money is deposited on the card at an ATM and the check shows that they are credited. After that, the payment for housing and communal services is carried out using the same ATM.

In such situations, finances cannot be credited to the account instantly, despite the presence of a check. Therefore, payment for housing and communal services is made using borrowed funds from the card. For their use, the Sberbank overdraft fee is debited.


• payment for services in the amount of 3,000 rubles;
• card balance — 1000 rubles;
• replenishment of a bank card for 2000 rubles;
• payment of 3000 rubles;
• money for using an overdraft for 2000 rubles. will be written off at the end of the reporting period.

If such options arise, the withdrawn money can be returned back. Such misunderstandings are usually caused by technical problems. To solve them, you should contact the bank office or call by phone.

Deactivation of the overdraft service

In order to avoid such situations, you can turn off the overdraft at the time of drawing up the contract and receiving the card. More about this in the article "How to disable an overdraft on a Sberbank card."