Auto payment service to Megafon from Sberbank - connection, disconnection


After connecting Autopayment for Megafon services, a number of opportunities open up, including - there is no need to worry about replenishing the account balance.
Having made all the necessary settings, there will always be a positive value on the mobile phone account. The service "Auto payment" on Megafon from Sberbank - connection, disconnection, features of use - are discussed in detail in this article.

Auto payment service

The principle of this service is as follows:

  • the maximum minimum balance on the mobile phone account is determined;
  • if the balance falls below the specified value, an auto-request is made to the bank;
  • a predetermined amount is withdrawn from the card account and transferred to the Megafon account;
  • money transfer to the phone is performed by the operator;
  • an alert is sent with the corresponding text;
  • if there is not enough money on the card to make the planned payment, you will receive a message that auto payment cannot be made.

Sberbank has set the minimum amount for this type of transaction - 30 rubles. As for the maximum size, it is determined by the operating companies. For example, for MTS the limit is 600 rubles, while on Megafon there are no limits at all.

Auto payment to Megafon from a Sberbank card

The Autopayment service for Megafon from Sberbank (connection, disconnection is carried out very quickly) can be activated using a card of absolutely any type and level.

To activate the service, you can directly contact a bank employee, having a bank card or its data (number, CVC code, CVV , date of issue). In addition, it will be necessary to name the settings:

  • limit size;
  • amount to make the payment.

The operator will perform all the actions himself. Even in the process of issuing a plastic card, it is possible to make a request to perform the necessary settings.

Another way is to call the Contact Center operator. He needs to call the same information to make settings.

Connecting auto payment

At any time, you can connect Autopayment from a Sberbank card by choosing the most convenient method.

Internet connection

To connect and disconnect the Auto Payment service to Megafon from Sberbank, you must have an active Sberbank Online . Thus, it will be possible to view the balance of all cards, receive complete information on them, block, replenish, transfer money, etc.

In the Personal Account, select the section: "My auto payments", and then - "Connect auto payment". This section is on the right side of the page.

Next is the connection:

  • company and account are selected. If there are several cards at your disposal, then choose the one you need;
  • enter the phone number - your personal and any other;
  • the minimum limit of the balance is indicated, upon reaching which replenishment will be carried out;
  • enter the amount to replenish;
  • the condition is determined: transfers should be made upon reaching the limit;
  • the operation is confirmed - in the appropriate column, the numbers that will come to the phone in the form of SMS are entered;
  • Megafon will accept the terms of replenishment and confirm this SMS.

You can view the finished template in the "My auto payments" section.

Connection via ATM/terminal

In addition to the methods discussed above, you can also connect Auto Payment to Megafon using an ATM.

In the main menu section (after entering the PIN), you must select the following options:
"Service and information" - "Auto payment" - "Disconnect" or "Connect".

In the process of activating the service, on each settings page you will need to select the appropriate items:

  • purpose (mobile communication, utility payments, fines, loans);
  • company: Tele2, Beeline, MTS, Megafon;
  • the established limit and the amount of the amount for the transfer;
  • confirmation.

The latter is carried out by receiving SMS from the bank with a one-time password. Then the ATM must issue data on the connection in the check.

Disabling the Auto payment service on Megafon (via the Internet, SMS 900, ATM)

If the current Megafon Auto Payment service is not needed, it can be disabled through Sberbank Online by selecting the "My Auto Payments" section.

Disconnect via SMS to number 900

The easiest way to disable and connect the Auto Payment service to Megafon from Sberbank is to use Mobile Banking. The use of USSD commands involves short abbreviations and words to perform a specific operation.

To disable Autopayment on Megafon, it will be enough just to enter one of these commands: AUTOPHONE, AUTO, AUTOPAYMENT and put the “-” icon next to it . You can also use the Latin version of the notation: AUTO and AVTO. You need to send a message to the short number 900 .

SMS should include the current number, and the last 4 digits of the plastic card number should be indicated through the space.

If there is more than one bank card or auto payment is connected to several phone numbers, then the message should look like this.

Shutdown via ATM

Disabling the Autopayment function on Megafon is much easier than connecting it.
From the list of payments that appears, select the one you need, and then simply click the "Disable" button. In this case, the procedure should be confirmed with a one-time password from the bank.

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