How to disable Autopayment from a Sberbank card


The automatic payment service makes it possible to always have a positive account balance on your phone. Using the Auto Payment service practically does not cause difficulties, but it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with how to disable Auto Payment from a Sberbank card, the basic conditions for connecting the service.

Auto payment service in Sberbank

To be able to activate the Autopayment service, it is enough to have any bank card: payment, premium or credit. The ability to connect and disconnect the service is provided even for unnamed bank cards of the first category.

Having a Sberbank card, you can automatically replenish your mobile phone number, as well as any other number. Funds are debited from the card account to which the Autopayment service is linked.

The procedure for automatic replenishment is as follows:

  • when there is a limit decrease in the balance specified for this phone number, a request is automatically generated to the bank;
  • there must be money on the card account;
  • the bank sends money to a mobile phone in a predetermined amount;
  • the operator replenishes the account of the telephone number;
  • after a successfully completed operation, the bank will send an SMS with the appropriate content.

Before disabling Autopayment from a Sberbank card, it is important to understand what requirements are imposed on customers by Sberbank and mobile operators.

Sberbank has introduced a number of restrictions regarding the connection of this service:

  • the minimum money transfer is 30 rubles;
  • the maximum amount you can transfer to your account is 10,000 rubles;
  • the limited value of the amount when using the Mobile Bank is 1000 rubles.

Mobile operators impose restrictions based on user tariff plans. Usually, large operators have a limit of 600 rubles.

Connecting and disconnecting Autopayment - all ways

Today, there are several options for connecting and disconnecting Autopayment from Sberbank for Beeline, MTS, Megafon , etc. All of them are divided into two large groups: personal and remote.

When contacting the bank in person, you will need to take a bank card, passport with you and dictate to the employee the mobile phone number to which the Autopayment service should be issued. If you want to apply for a new card, you can immediately request the service settings.

There are several remote methods:

  1. ATMs and self-service terminals . This is the easiest way to enable or disable the service.
  2. Sberbank Online . To manage the service, you must activate Internet banking and receive a personal code plus an identifier, which are used to enter the system and control the movement of funds in your bank accounts.
  3. Mobile bank . With it, you can send short messages, each of which implies a specific bank command used to carry out a specific operation.
  4. Contact Center . To activate Autopayment, just call the Contact Center and the bank employee will accept the application and help you promptly activate the service.

How to remotely connect or how to disable Autopayment from a Sberbank card for Megafon, MTS, Beeline or Tele2 operators will be discussed further.

Shutdown via ATM

To start working with an ATM, you will need to insert the card into the card reader and enter the PIN code.
Next, in the main menu, select the sections: "Information and Service" - "Auto Payment" - "Connection".

On the screen you can see a list of basic services: traffic police, housing and communal services, cellular communications, etc. It is necessary to select a cellular connection and in the list of all operators, select the necessary one: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2 or any other.

You will need to fill out a template that contains the following parameters:

  • phone number for auto payment (you must specify your own or any other number);
  • the maximum limit, upon reaching which automatic replenishment of the account will occur;
  • the amount of the amount to be credited to the account;
  • daily limit (during the day you can withdraw no more than the maximum amount of the limit).

After completing all these items, a check will be issued. This suggests that Sberbank assumes obligations for a specific mobile number as part of the Autopayment service. To confirm this, a message is sent with a code that must be forwarded to the bank. Thus, the Autopayment service from Sberbank is activated.

To disable Sberbank Auto Payment on MTS, Megafon, Tele2 or another mobile operator, you must follow the same steps. When you select the "Disable" tab, you are redirected to your templates. From the list, select the template to be deactivated. A secret code is also used to confirm your intention.

Personal account Sberbank Online

The procedure for connecting and disconnecting Autopayment from a Sberbank card to Sberbank Online is identical to the previous one. Here, all actions are carried out in the User's Personal Account.

On the right side of the page there will be a menu in which there is a tab "My auto payments". After the list of previously created settings, there is a button "Connect auto payment". By clicking on it, you will need to do the following:

  • select the desired operator from the proposed list;
  • if there are several bank cards, the one that is more suitable is selected;
  • in the column with the same name, you must write your mobile number;
  • fill in the template: amount of money, minimum limit, pay after reaching a certain balance value;
  • save the entered data;
  • in the next field in the column "Confirmation" enter your personal code;
  • accept a notification from your mobile operator about the activation of the service.

How to disable Autopayment from a Sberbank card? You should select one of your applications, which are located in the "My Templates" column. In the list that opens, select the desired template and click the "Disable" button. Here you also need to enter a personal code.

Mobile bank

By connecting the Mobile Bank, activating and deactivating AutoPay via phone will take just a couple of minutes. This is due to the ability to send short commands: for activation - "Autopayment", for deactivation - a similar request with a "-" sign. After that, a code will come, which should be sent as consent to connect or disconnect the service.

It is noteworthy that any operations with the service can be carried out directly through the operator. To do this, call the Sberbank Contact Center and press the number 0.