Acquiring rates in Sberbank


Sberbank is a recognized leader in the domestic banking sector. As for acquiring, more than 40% of Russian organizations and entrepreneurs use the services of Russia's largest bank. This is facilitated by moderate acquiring rates at Sberbank, high communication speed, and quality service.

Merchant acquiring in Sberbank

Almost every Russian has a bank card, or even several. Purchases without cashing out are becoming more and more popular - today, over 15% of Russians on a regular basis pay only by bank transfer, as it is safe, convenient, and fast. And among the rest of the citizens, at least 70% withdraw money from the card before paying - this means that acquiring has great prospects.

Merchant acquiring is the creation of conditions and direct payment with a bank card.

This method of payment is always beneficial for sellers of goods, works, services for the following reasons:

  1. Significant increase in the number of cardholders.
  2. Increasing the average purchase size. Statistics indicate that the average check after the introduction of acquiring grows by 40%. After all, the buyer always has a means of payment - a bank card. People are more willing to part with non-cash money than with banknotes. Also, cardholders are more likely to make unplanned purchases.
  3. Significantly increase the income of credit card holders, whom banks encourage to carry out cashless payments.

Acquiring is beneficial for trade organizations and entrepreneurs as follows:

  1. Reduces the likelihood of fraud and human error.
  2. The time for customer service is reduced, therefore the queues are reduced.
  3. Reducing the amount of cash helps to reduce the cost of collection.

To start cooperation with Sberbank in this segment, you must submit an application. A representative of an organization or an entrepreneur has the right to perform such a procedure online on the bank's website by visiting its nearest branch.

The procedure for concluding an agreement on the acquiring service

  1. The parties sign a standard acquiring agreement - according to such a document, Sberbank works with all clients. Its sample is on the website.
  2. Sberbank specialists will install terminals and other equipment necessary for paying with plastic cards.
  3. Sberbank employees will train company employees.

If an organization that is going to accept payment in this way does not have a current account with Sberbank, then it must be opened, since not a single such operation is possible without it. As Sberbank guarantees, after the start of using acquiring, the duration of any operation will not exceed a minute. All paid funds are immediately transferred to the seller's settlement account, with the exception of bank interest.

Acquiring rates in Sberbank for individual entrepreneurs

There is no such information on the Sberbank website. The cost of merchant acquiring services for individual entrepreneurs and other legal entities is calculated individually.

To obtain information on acquiring rates at Sberbank, you need to call the hotline or contact the bank branch. Bank representatives will indicate the cost, focusing on the following:

  • if the volume of monthly sales is over a million rubles, then the price of the service will be 1.8%;
  • if the volume of monthly sales is less than a million rubles, then the bank will withdraw 2.4% from each transaction.

If the number of sales through acquiring is very small, then the bank may agree to cooperate for no less than 3-4% of each transaction.

There is no mention of any bonus programs in this segment. Moreover, the indicated percentages are only a service fee, that is, you will have to buy all the necessary equipment for additional funds. Representatives of Sberbank can provide it for rent, which for one average store will cost about a couple of thousand rubles.

For Internet acquiring, separate tariffs are 3-6% of the transaction. Unlike conventional equipment, you do not need to rent equipment. The bank's specialists will install all the necessary software on the site.

According to the terms, the upgrade of software, equipment (this happens often) does not change the terms of the existing service contract and its cost, so you do not need to sign a new document.

Details on acquiring tariffs for individual entrepreneurs

Russian legislation does not divide legal entities and individuals in this area into different categories, therefore, the same tariffs are set for all clients. The service price depends only on sales volumes, the higher they are, the lower the tariffs. If the revenue exceeds 1 million rubles / month, then the price will be - 1.8%, if it is less than the specified value, then the cost will be - 2.4%.