Disabling Autopayment to Megafon in Sberbank


For its customers, Sberbank offers a very convenient opportunity - to make payments for mobile communications automatically. For these purposes, you need to know the procedure for connecting, managing and disconnecting Auto Payment to Megafon in Sberbank. You should be aware that this service can also be carried out for Beeline, MTS and other operators.

Conditions for paying Megafon by auto payment

The procedure for setting up this feature is the same for all operators operating within the country. The only difference is that there are certain restrictions.

For such major operators as Beeline, Megafon and MTS, the minimum threshold is set at 30 rubles. The allowable level of the amount that can be transferred is 600 rubles. Megafon users turned out to be in a better position - replenishment for them is not limited. Tele2 customers can only make certain auto payments: 10, 30 and 50 rubles. There are also no restrictions for clients of Yeniseitelecom or NSS.

Disabling Auto payment to Megafon in Sberbank is available through Sberbank Online in the special section "Managing Auto Payments".

Before activating or deactivating Autopayment, you need to familiarize yourself with the detailed scheme of this service.

Operating principle:

  • when the minimum limit is reached, a request to the bank is automatically executed;
  • a fixed amount is transferred from the account, which is credited to the Megafon account;
  • comes a report on the replenishment of the balance.

There are several convenient options for enabling or deactivating AutoPay.

Available methods:

  • using the Internet (Sberbank Online);
  • through ATMs;
  • when visiting a bank branch;
  • by phone (in the Mobile Bank, open the "Contact Center", then - "Free line 8800").

Disabling Autopayment to Megafon via Sberbank Online

You can independently perform this action if you use the Sberbank Online .

Instructions for creating an Autopayment for Megafon in Sberbank Online:

  • enter the Personal Account ;
  • in the list of active cards, select the one from which transfers will be made;
  • in the right zone called "Personal menu" open the section "My auto payments";
  • select the required operator from the list;
  • indicate the phone number or account (the possibility of replenishing any phone is allowed);
  • fill in the necessary information: the minimum limit on the account, the required amount for replenishment, the maximum limit for the daily period;
  • confirm the specified data by pressing the "Save" button;
  • enter a one-time password that will be sent to your phone;
  • An SMS with confirmation of the operation will be sent to the number where the AutoPay activation was performed.

Using this template, you can later change the parameters or completely disable the service. It can be seen in the right menu of the special section "My Templates". To disable Autopayment to Megafon in Sberbank Online, you need to find the template in the "My Autopayments" section and then press the "Disable" button. After that, you should confirm the performed actions using the secret code received on the phone.

Through an ATM or terminal

This operation is performed according to a similar scheme in all self-service machines. You will need to make a special template in which you can change the settings in the future. After authorization, the main menu page opens on the screen. In it you should find the section "Service, information" and then select the item "Auto payments". Here you can both “Connect” and “Disconnect” this service by pressing the corresponding button. Such actions take a minimum amount of time.

Shutdown by phone. SMS to number 900

The Mobile Banking system allows you to disconnect as quickly as possible. Some settings can only be set with the help of an operator. To disable Autopayment, you need to send any command word: AUTO, AUTOPHONE, AUTO, AUTOPAYMENT, AVTO with a “-” sign to number 900. Then enter the phone number, indent and indicate the last 4 digits of the card used. A one-time code will be sent to the phone, which must be sent back in order to confirm the deactivation of this service. More details in the article .

Through a support agent

The ability to activate and deactivate Autopayment is available by calling the Sberbank Center . In order to connect with the operator, you need to listen to the greeting and press the number 0 on the keyboard. The employee will ask you to dictate the phone and card numbers. In addition, a representative of this service can provide detailed information about other activation options, about the correct preparation of the template, about existing restrictions when making such payments.

Through a bank branch

Contacting a bank branch is considered the most acceptable when it is not possible to connect to remote services. A personal visit to a bank branch can take a long time. The employee will ask you to indicate your card and telephone numbers, the amount, restrictions and frequency. You will need to present your passport. In addition, you can get detailed information on how to turn off auto payment to Megafon on your own so that you do not visit a bank branch in the future.